Republican Debate–NH Edition

The Repub candidates took to the stage for a CNN debate–and as usual they all got their talking points in on abortion, religion, immigration, gays, and of course terror. The debate was about as stimulating as watch flies mate. My breakdown as I saw it:

Mitt as usual look and sounded presidential, but not much to sink your teeth into.

Rudy–Believe it or not he got to play his ONLY trump card, 9/11, at least twice. other than that he was flat.

McCain–he finally calmed down and actually had something to say. Especially on immigration and his usual line on Iraq.

Paul–Once again Paul brought subjects and ideas that the others cringed to think about.

The also rans–

T. Thompson actually had something to say about healthcare. Huckabee was well Hucka……. Brownbeck has a new plan. Tancredo tried to show some passion, he failed, but at least he tried.

Nukes were envogue for an alt energy; all seem to support it as a clean alternative. Just when you thought it was safe to take a nap–BAM! They actually talked about a real issue–healthcare. Not one of them had an acceptable plan, but at least they talked about something that concerns the majority of the country.

OKIE DOKIE! Who won, Professor? (drum rolling and a rim shot) I gave it a tie to Romney and Paul. Mitt because he did not screw up and was well rehersed and Paul for actually talking on topices with an actual idea and not some rehash of conservative ideology.

The others were just there to make an appearance and keep the peoploe guessing.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approved this message.



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