Law And Order Candidate

Here we go–the actor of the small screen as well as the large screen, is forming an exploratory committee to see what his chances are of gaining the Repub nomination. I speak of one, Fred Thompson. Is that a drum roll? I guess some neocons will be a bit pleased, since a lot of people say he is the incarnate of Reagan and all the Repubs have mentioned his name over and over and…… So maybe this is the answer to the “Reagan” vacuum.

But wait! There is another! Newt, Da Man, Gingrich, may announce something this fall. we can only hold our breath. (he said sarcastically)

Thompson is running third in some polls and he has not announced he is running. That is kinda sad. But the Repubs are desperately looking for something to give them a hand up. Their parties leader, Bush, is not much help.

Do not know about you, but I am enjoying the scrambling

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