Is It A Sport?

Hunting: An American Tradition?

Hunting was a way of life not long ago. You were a good provider for your family if you were a good hunter But since the invention of supermarkets and white collar jobs, it is no longer a necessity to be a good hunter.

Hunting moved from a necessity to a sport. Now if you buy a hunting license you become a member of a large sporting club–the American hunter. You are a sportsman, who hunts from a tree stand that is comfortable, with a gun that shoots a mile with a scope that can see 2 miles. Oh Yeah, the gun holds a clip of 4 or more rounds. you arrive at your chosen luxury box in a tree by your ATV, which has a cooler on the back with lunch and suds. There is more but why beat that dead horse.

Now my question is–what part of the above description defines hunting as a sport? Or what part of it gives the prey a “sporting” chance? When I was living on a local river with not much money I hunted almost daily. I was shooting doves on the ground and some guy saw me and said “you are not giving them a chance.” I replied screw them, I am making lunch nor sport.

I just do not like the fact it is called a sport–it is not! Looking for a trophy buck is not sport, it is just some sick form of blood lust!

I say that if there must be these “people” in the woods, then make the license fee $1000 and put it into a pot, take all that pay to a pre arranged area and the one that walks out alive gets all the cash, with 10% going to the state for maintaince fees.