Is Smoking Obnoxious?

Why do I ask the question? well, the movie industry is considering getting some movies with smoking a”R” rating. CNN reported that a lot of people find it obnoxious. Well, Is it?

(Lengthy Pause For Comment)

I will answer this for you, I do not would want too many brain farts to cloud the subject. NO! It is not obnoxious! Screaming brats on planes, that’s obnoxious. Driver talking on cels, is obnoxious. A 300 lb woman or man in a bikini, well I cannot say that is obnoxious, but damn sure scary!

I reality, I find ALL politicians obnoxious. I find the greed that has a grip on the A,erican people, obnoxious. I also find war, obnoxious and lastly, I see the ignoring of poor people by the pundits in Washington, the most obnoxious of the obnoxious.


Soldiers And Iraq

I listened to one of our leaders, a general, in Iraq; he was speaking of the troops saying that they know the US needs help and volunteer to do their part. Well, it is true they volunteer, but I beleive the monetary incentives outweigh any patriotic feelings. The incentives seem to keep going up and up, to try an meet enlistment quotas or to try and keep those already in the military.

I ask, just how successful would recruitment be without the monetary incentives? Would the person be more inclined to enlist if they were told that they would be on the streets of Baghdad and a target for anyone with a weapon? Or would they jump at the proposal of getting 10,000 to 40, ooo for their signature? While they are counting their bonus and signing on the dotted line is when you throw the part about dying.

Sounds like a successful plan to me. Sounds like a death warrant for the enlistee.


Can Demos Win In ’08?

That is an excellent question, the easy answer is probably unless they shoot themselves in the ass somewhere between now and then. Whatever candidate you support, really does not matter to anyone but you.

The Repubs have a tendency to find the less likely candidate and win with them.. Huh? Professoe WTF? Ok look at Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, and of course, the ever popular Bush II. Each one of these candidates were men that you would scratch your head and ask, “What are the Repubs thinking”? But guess what, the inept candidates seem to just keep winning and winning. It is an enigma.

With all that said, whether you agree or disagreee, does not really matter. The point want to make is that the above mentioned were elected president and each time it seem to be a surprise. To who? Whomever! Now, ask yourself, if these were so inept and the Dems could beat them in the election, what chance does the American people have in the process as it now stands?

I mean, the Dems could not find anyone that could do better against these men? It scares me. And it leads me to question the intelligence of the people and the integrity of the system.