AFRICOM? What the hell are you talking about, Professor? It is the new US military command for Africa. In February, Bush announced the formation of AFRICOM. Why? Well, think about it, the US does not have a substantial presence in Africa. It does everywhere else in the world and that cannot be. Apparently, the US has got to have a military presence around the world and Africa did not have one, so here you go.

Oh yeah, it is not about oil! But 12% of Nigerian oil will go to the US and in as little as 8 years it will most likely be 25%, but it is not about oil. But wait! China now has a massive investment program going on in Africa. We cannot like those “godless” commies get the upper hand on the continent. It is not about oil! Even though 8 countries in Africa produce crude, to include Sudan, Gabon,Chad, etc. But it is not about OIL!

Recently, on the Horn of Africa, there was a situation that needed the assistance of the US, I believe it was Somalia. Anyway it was learned that there was not a coordinating agency for the US to handle any deployment of military force, I mean assistance.

Of course, the US has said that they do not want a military build-up in the continent, but the fact that it will have a “command” unit on the continent will be just as inflammatory as troops. And as so will further radicalize the continent and the possibility of another “Iraq” will be a very good possibility.

Another excellent plan, another excellent cog in the Bush foreign policy machine.


Anything New?

Is There Anything New?

This a quote from the “Independent”.

The US Army tried to kill or capture Muqtada al-Sadr, the widely revered Shia cleric, after luring him to peace negotiations at a house in the holy city of Najaf, which it then attacked, according to a senior Iraqi government official.

This is from the Washington Post,

The comeback of the Iraq Study Group’s suggestions underscores the intense desire by some in Washington to fashion a workable long-term policy on Iraq. The months since the commission issued its report have seen increased polarization, with Democrats mostly united in their desire to end American involvement in the war and President Bush struggling to buy time for additional troops to pacify Baghdad.

THe Bush Admin seems to want to try failed tactics in Iraq. They are trying to wall off the bad guys to help security. China tried it–It failed. The US brought in basically foreigners to run the country. The Brits tried it –It failed! These guys just keep rewaching into a bag of failed policies and try them again. The Sadr thing about invite to talk then kill, was used by the US Army against the Apache. They called for peace talks with Mangas Colorado and when he shpowed up he was killed. It failed! The Apache problem continued for another 30 yrs or so.

Now after about 6 months the admin will take another look at the Iraq Study Group Repoprt. Better late than never, I guess. Why is it revelent now and not 6 months ago? What part of it is attractive? Or are they grasping at straws? Trying desparately to find something that will give them some good news and work?

The Bush Administration is a absolutely failure in foreign policy and grasping at failed tactics from the past will not help the situation at all.