He Is Leading In Iowa

Mitt baby, is leading the pack in Iowa according to a recent poll. McCain and Guiliani are about tied for 2nd. Why? This guy flops around like a fish out of water. Hopefully, it is an error and the guy taking the poll was either drunk or stoned.

McCain is still cranky! In the debates I said he looks like a p*ssed off Doberman and I also said he needs a nap. Nothing has changed–he still needs a nap. I ask his suppoorters, Do you want someone who cannot control his temper to be in control of the World?

Guiliani, does not need a nap, he is already in a coma.

Leb anon Is Burning! —–AGAIN!

Sunday violence erupted between the Lebanese army and some Palestinians in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp. The battle has been raging for two days, maybe three. All promoted by the search for a bank robber. Fatah al-Islam faction, is the culprit. Now the small town north of Tripoli is being bombarded by the army and the “bad guys” are fighting back.

US has said that it is unfortunate and both sides need to step back and look at the situation. Now that is excellent advice! But apparently it is only for others, the US does not need top do this.

And of course, the inevitable , SYRIA DID IT! The Lebanese government is blaming Syria, again. They say that Syria is trying to destabilze the goverment of Lebanon. I know that those who read my blog are extremely intelligent, so would someone please tell when just when Lebanon got a stable government? Apparently I missed that newsbreak!

I will be watching this situation and will probably have a lot more to say as it drags on.