Professor’s Classroom

OSIM! And time for the lesson. Morning class!

This subject has been in the news now for years, the ping-pong match has gone to and fro. But where did it start?

When was the first anti-gay legislation enacted in America? Give me when, where, why and what.

I realize that is not much to go on, but any other info and google would make it too damn simple and easy.

You may begin.

Weekly News Roundup

Here goes all the news that was ……..for the week.

Carter critizes Bush and he in turn is critised–He waffled!

Cutty Sark burns in the UK..the ship not the scotch!

Russian spy charged with death of Russian spy–that sounds confusing!

Dems bowed low to kiss the Pres’ ass on the Iraq Bill–predicted!

Rosie and Hasselbeck have cat fight on the View–would have been more interesting if they had pulled hair and ripped off clothing, but I will take what comes. DAMMIT!

Gonzo is still in Washington. Does this guy wear padded knee pads?

Gen. in Iraq says he does not know why the increase in violence. Is he in Iraq? Or is he in Peoria doing a waitress?

Well there was some good news coming out of Washington–A bird crapped on the Pres during a news conference–poor man cannot catch a break. LOL

Oh yeah! There is more good news–American Idol is done for the season–now maybe the people will pull their collective heads from their asses and learn something. NOT!

If I missed anything, please feel free to include it in the comments.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approve this f*cking message!


The Democrats–Again!

Is when I thought it was safe to go about enjoying my day, I find this statement by Pelosi:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other Democratic leaders Friday strongly defended their handling of the Iraq funding dispute with President Bush, saying the legislation will result in a “new direction” for the war despite the fact that it includes no withdrawal timeline or any other binding restrictions on Bush’s conduct of the war.

Dammit! The Dems are playing the slogan game. Bush had “Stay the course” and the ever popular “way forward”. Just when I thought it was slowing down, the Dems do it. “new direction”. All I can say is …. please!

Can anyone say….WIMP!


Weekly Anal-ocity

This will be another feature –the most anal bullshit coming from the mouths of politicians.

WASHINGTON, May 25 — The Bush administration is developing what are described as concepts for reducing American combat forces in Iraq by as much as half next year, according to senior administration officials in the midst of the internal debate.

What happened to they will follow us back here if we leave? Would that mean the terrorist won? I am still working on the veto of a bill that would start bringing the troops home.

But wait there is more! Gen Pace when asked about the increase of violence and death in and around Baghdad, said he could understand why the increase.

Let’s see an occupying force that is becoming extremely unpopular and will not go away and you cannot understand why the increase. Ok I have had enough!

Damn! What an anal bunch of f*cks!


Political Prediction

I have been watching the candidates talk, shake, struggle and waffle for some time now and I would like to take this opportunity to make my prediction for who will get the Repub nomination.

The losers:

Guiliani–Tap dances more than Ben Vereen.

McCain–has a real problem with his little temper.

Paul–he talks about real issues and not the imaginary crap of the rest of the pack; that will get you eliminated quickly when you are a republican candidate.

The rest of the pack is just fodder to keep the public guessing.

(Drum roll) and the WINNER is–Mitt Romney! Why?

he has no foreign policy experience

he has “family values”–like staying married to the same women.

he appears presidential on the surface.

But the real clincher is—HE HAS HAIR! When was the last bald president? Do not hurt yourself–Eisenhower.

There you go–I have gone out on a limb–let see if I am right!



I am by no means an economic geek, but we have been told that inflation ia hold ing at a low level. But if one looks at the economic theory that inflation is a large amount of dollars chasing after a limited supply of output, then could not the gas situation be the beginning? For with hgigh gas prices, everything that is transported should go up also and then we have the large amounts of money chasing limited supply. But yet, according to government and private stats inflation is low.

IMO, someone is either mistakened or f*cking lying. And knowing our government the way I do, I believe the later.

JHust a thought, since alot of peoples will be travelling and bitchin’ this weekend.


To immigrate or Not

Recently, the Congress has passed an immigration bill, and as predicted some like some not so. The debate will continue among all concerned, both pro and con, until it slips away into the night.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has made it his life’s work to bring the immigration thing to light. He has written books and done countless shows on the subject.. But recently he out did himself. I think he sees that his bread and butter may be in jeopardy so he did a report on leprosy. He made the point that this disease could be coming across the border with the illegal immigrants. And that if unchecked could become a problem, a health problem for the US strained healthcare resources.

Well my facts show that 70% of leprosy cases are in three countries, India, Nepal and Myanmar. And that there were small amounts in Mexico and even smaller amounts in the US. It would seem that Mr. Dobbs is using a Bush tactic–the Fear Card! Since he is an outspokened opponent of the “illegals” and considered by some to be well informed, then he will be heard by those that will use such hysterical bullshit to their advantage.

I would like to see Mr. Dobbs, since his subject maybe drying up, find a new crusade to go on–like the welfare of handicapped vets. It is just a thought and probably would not sell many books, but it would be a righteous crusade nonetheless.