Walls Of Protection

Walls Of Protection

History is full of ways to try and stop invseders and all around “bad guys” from committing violence against a people. I am speaking of the use of “Walls” to try and curb the violence inflicted on a people. Yes, Walls! A physical barrier that is erected to prevent an enemy from causing havoc against a people.

China’s Great Wall was constructed to protect the Chinese from the Monguls. Did it succeed? Not even, they were conquered in spite of the wall. Then there is the wall the UK erected in N. Ireland to separate the warring factions. Did it work? Not really, the violence continued for 20+ yrs. Barbed wire walls were tried in Algeria, before you ask, no the “regroupment camps” did not prevent the violence from spreading. It was tried in Vietnam; the “strategic hamlets” did not help curb the attacks.

For God’s sake, Professor, was there any successes, you may ask? I must be honest, the “apartheid wall” in Israel is said to have had a positive effect on the growing violence. They say, the Israelis, that it has been a bit helpful.

Walls! The Bush admin seems to be quite taken with the idea of walls. I mean, they want to build one to keep “illegal” immigrants out, which will probably do nothing more than waste money. I mean a 700 mile wall for a 2000 mile border. Wher, oh where is the logic?

But wait! They want another wall. This one is in Baghdad to separate the warring factions and to cut down on the sectarian deaths. At least that is their story and they are sticking to it. This wall will separate one fighting faction from another; it will be a walled in ghetto similar to the one in Warsaw during WWII. By doing this the US is starting a process that will turn even uglier in the future. Behind this wall will breed hatred and suffering. By building this wall the US will be concentrating a people in one place. For protection? Doubtful! An attempt to control and segregate a people? Most assuredly!

There have been very few walls that delivered the desired effects as was promised at the time of construction. The Baghdad Wall will be no different. The wall in Baghdad will be just another lame attempt at trying to find an answer to the growing violence. Us builds, Iraqis suffer!