Weekly News Roundup

Here goes all the news that was ……..for the week.

Carter critizes Bush and he in turn is critised–He waffled!

Cutty Sark burns in the UK..the ship not the scotch!

Russian spy charged with death of Russian spy–that sounds confusing!

Dems bowed low to kiss the Pres’ ass on the Iraq Bill–predicted!

Rosie and Hasselbeck have cat fight on the View–would have been more interesting if they had pulled hair and ripped off clothing, but I will take what comes. DAMMIT!

Gonzo is still in Washington. Does this guy wear padded knee pads?

Gen. in Iraq says he does not know why the increase in violence. Is he in Iraq? Or is he in Peoria doing a waitress?

Well there was some good news coming out of Washington–A bird crapped on the Pres during a news conference–poor man cannot catch a break. LOL

Oh yeah! There is more good news–American Idol is done for the season–now maybe the people will pull their collective heads from their asses and learn something. NOT!

If I missed anything, please feel free to include it in the comments.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approve this f*cking message!