News UpDates

First, the best news in the media today is that biatch, Paris Hilton will go to jail. She looked like she was really pissed at the prospect. HA! Finally, and I say put her in with Big Bertha and let the loving begin. Sell that tape!

Hasselhoff is a drunk–go figure. You would drink too if you longer had the Baywatch Babes to deal with.

The Washington hooker story–about the best thing I can say is–there is nothing good I can say. Never mind!

Oh yeah, let us not forget the big story–what color hat will the Queen wear to the race? I know I will sleep well until that question is answered.

I have a thought–why not let CNN change their slogan from a “all the news you can use” to ” all the news that is useless”. Just a thought.

Now a question for the class. Why are the American so starved for information on the Brit monarchy? If someone has a good answer, it will be worth some extra credit.


Yet Another Rant

The new US Ambassador to Iraq went on camera and made sure that everyone knew we were not meeting with Syria, we had an encounter. Thinking…..Thinking….WTF? They sat down a talked for thirty minutes, more or less, but it was not a meeting. So that means that anything less than an hour, or so is not a meeting but an encounter and in such is not suppose to be productive. Is that about it?

Words and Phrases that need to be banned from news reporting.


Boots on the ground

Way forward

and my personal fav–stay the course

The reason for banning is simple, they are idiotic, nonsensical and just plain f*cking stupid!

Is there a thought? The Professor awaits!

Daily Rant

I recently encounter a simpleton on a discussion forum that posted a conserv article about “liberal fascists” that are trying to ban conserv talk show host like O’reilly, Limbaugh, etc. First, BULLSHIT! Something that will never happen. But I hard a hard time getting past the phrase “liberal fascist”.

Liberal–someone on the left of the political spectrum, at least that is a definition in today’s politics.

Fascist–someone on the extreme right of the political spectrum.

May I suggest that you pick one or the other, but using the two together is just plain ignorant!

After burying head in hands and doing a lot of laughing, I decide to respond. “Liberal Fascists” is a word similare to military intelligence or happily married or immortal dead. They are all oxymorons. Two words that mean polar opposites and should never be used together to make a point. When you do you appear to be a simpleton with the IQ of your hat size.

I suggest that the author of the article let “real” analysts do the analytical stuff, that would eliminate giving himself a migraine.