New War Czar

Bush has found his new War Czar, Gen. Lute, by the end of the Bush Presidency, he may have changed his name to Loon from Lute. Since the guy that gets this job, will probably have little to no say in the war and will most likely be the fall guy for the Bush Team, why would he want this job?

His job will be to co-ordinate the wars that the US is involved in. OK, what will his job be? His job will be to….(thinking….thinking). Come to think of it, doesn’t he already have people doing this job? I mean with a wealth of generals lanquishing around Washington, there is no boby coordinating the wars? That could explain the lack of success our troops are having?

And somehow the 4 stars generals are gonna take a 3 star one seriously? Come on, rank has its priviledges and playing second fiddle to an underling will go over about like a fart in church.

Personal opinion, a complete waste to time, money and effort. We already play a plethora of generals to do this type of gig, so why now? Answer, it will be Lute’s fault, no matter it is, it will be his fault.


Republican Debate–Part II

The second repub debate was last nite. It was a bit more interesting than the first, but still lacked something. Guilliani has 9/11, that is about it. McCain needs a nap. Mitt is looking presidential, still do not see him as a pres. Ron Paul! Enjoyed his confrontational style. They all tried it at one point or another, but Paul was most successful, IMO. There were a couple of one liners and couple of shots, but nothing of substance.

Who won? I have it Paul and Mitt pretty much ties, IMO. Guilliani and McCain pretty much tired, of I am sorry, I meant tied. The rest were as always–also rans.\