New Proof Of Al-Qaeda In Iraq

On tuesday a document was de-classified and on Wednesday Bush used info from that document in his address to the Coast Guard Academy. It seems that there was a classified document that said that Osama said that Iraq should be used for actions against the US. (a paraphrase)

How nice. Since the creditability of the admin is so low, may I see a show of hands of those who believe this info? My thought is, if this is a true statement and is in fact accurate, why was it not de-classified earlier and used in the presentation to go to war? Or why wait 4 years later to de-classify the document?

This admin just keeps throwing shit at the public and some eat it up. Why? Trying to find a justification now is kinda like f*cking for virginity–It is too late! May I suggest that more time be spend trying to solve the withdrawal delock and less time trying to convince the public of the necessity for war.

The Fear Card–Bush friend and ally–this turd spends every waking minute trying to find ways to keep the American scared to death of another attack. The sad part is, they buy into the program hook, line and sinker.