News Roundup

Where’s the fire? Everywhere!

Paris honey will do 23 days, if she is a good girl. Britnay is finding a new spirituality. HA!

Gonzo-gate is gonna have more casualities than the old “saturday nite massacre”.

Repub also rans try to be humorous–now is not the time.

Prince.,…whatever his name is…will not go to Iraq.

Baldwin is still a dick, Hasselhoff may still be drunk, Imus is still fired and Ana Nicole is still dead.

Somewhere a couple of kids were arrested because they were planning a shooting at their high school. Their plans were to kill 33 so they would have the “worst” incident record. And the media had nothing to do with it. I mean with the endless VT coverage.

OK my rant about the “important” stories is over–HAVE A DAY!

Another Plan For Iraq

An Iraqi Democray

In the past supporters of the war in Iraqhave nicknamed me Mr. Gloom and Doom and the Voice of Doom, which is no problem for believe me, I have been called worse, but to be truthful, I kinda like Mr. Gloom and Doom. Sorry, I digress. I have been told that if I am so damn smart then why don’t I offer a plan. Well, I have I offered a plan for a democratic way to handle the situation. Now I would like to offer another. Both in my opinion would do the job, depended on how much intestinal fortitude one has.

I have been an outspoken opponenet of the US attempt to bring democracy to the country of Iraq. My opposition to the transition is two fold. First, Iraq is and has always been a tribal society, therefore the lunacy to bring democracy to the area is , well, lame. The Iraqis have no nationalistic identity, hell there has not been a country of Iraq, until 1917, when some well meaning Brits started drawing lines in the desert and calling them countries. So to think that the US can bring a democratic government to a tribal society overnight is, at best, a pipedream and at worse just plain stupid. Sorry people, but lastly, the US definately can not bring democracy to the country by force.

Since I have been a critic of the whole idea of democracy for Iraq, I have been asked what my idea for a government for Iraq. I have put forth my idea of how, if one must try the democracy thing, to use the institutions now in place. (Blog entry of 04/05/07, Iraqi political Solution) This plan is on the authoritarian side of the political spectrum. However, if you want an end to the violence then hard decisions must be made. I agree, they are not pretty, but effective.

OK where to go for the country? At best democracy is weak and very unfit for wartime. It works best in peacetime. That only should eliminate it for consideration for Iraq. In case no one has noticed, there is a war going on in the country. There are a few things that could be done to help the violence thing that now controls the country. What can to done? These are not popular but they will go a long way to helping control the situation. Introduce wartime censorship, postpone, until further notice, any elections, restrict the freedom of association, in essence suspend the democratic process now in place. Does it sound familiar? It should!

I hate to be the one to break it to the administration, but no amount of peace negotiations will end the conflict. Why? Animosities will remain. Violence will always be a threat. Unfortunately, not many will want to hear it or like it, but a strong armed individual or committee is the only answer to the violence and the death. To keep trying the democracy thing, knowing full well it is not working is just plain lame. A waste of time, money and lives.

If you want out of Iraq, there is your answer. Good or bad, it is the only one that will work, then worry about the democracy thing, if that was ever truly your goal.