Gas Prices

Ooooooh! Gas prices at an all-time high. Cha-ching! Listen to the register ring.

Congress has said they want to know why. Easy answer–profits, you idiots!

With so many refineries out of action and no new being built this trend will probably be continued, indefinately. New refineries will not be built because they say it will cost too much–steel up, etc. I say tough noggies. The industry had no plan to build other refineries. They made sure the American stayed addicted to gas, so I am sure there was at least economist that predicted the need for new refineries. But why do that? With the probs with refineries–the supply will be low demand high–profits even higher.

Take a good look at the situation and you will see capitalism at its best. (sarcasm intended).

Your assignment is to give an idea at how the problem can be solved. Due ASAP!


Daily Rant

Been watching CNN, why?, dunno just bored I guess. Anyway, they are stuck on a tornado story that will last longer than the storm and possibly longer than the clean-up.

I will say that is was a devastating storm to the town, considering that about 90% of the town was damaged, but is it a national story now? The day of, yes. Now it is a regional and local story. But noooooooo! Today CNN will be talking to the 3 goats that are wandering around the town.

Your media sucks and sucks bad! You want bullshit not news. You will be forever in the dark of why things happen and when they do happen you will want immediate answers–it will be too late to educated the STUPID!