Why Are The Dems So Timid?

I have been watching the Dems since the 1980s and I have not seen any true political fire in their actions or rhetoric.

We can always point to Trump’s first State of the Union when Pelosi had her silly “Kodak” moment with her applause antic….and then all her rhetoric over the lapses in the Trump agenda….but all that is just words…I still have seen nothing that would make me believe that Dems are anything but cowards and wimps.

They bow, thanks to the spineless leadership, to just about everything the GOP desires….I know they have had few successes but think back to 2008….Dems controlled Congress and the White House and their agenda was stifled at every turn by the GOP and the Dems just did not have the fight in them.

And this trend has continued through today…..the fight or should I say the lack of a fight over replacement for Ginsburg just brings their, Dems, pathetic spineless actions back to the forefront.

Trump’s efforts to prepare an electoral coup are a clear statement of intent for what he would do if he manages to hold on to power, which he would see as a mandate to transform the United States into a presidential dictatorship.

But the response from Trump’s nominal political opponents is a combination of fecklessness and prostration. Far from calling for Trump’s immediate removal from office or the convocation of a congressional investigation into Trump’s coup plots, the Democrats have offered nothing but pathetic moral appeals to Trump and the Republicans, while dropping all opposition to his efforts to pack the court ahead of the election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi practically begged Trump, “Why don’t you just try for a moment to honor your oath of office to the Constitution of the United States.” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, for his part, directed his appeal to the Republican Party: “At this perilous moment, every Republican in this chamber should stand up.”

Pelosi and Schumer know full well that neither Trump nor his Republican co-conspirators are going to have a change of heart as a result of their moral exhortations. Such statements constitute an abandonment of any effort to oppose Trump’s preparations to launch an Election Day putsch.


Dems offer no opposition just pathetic theatrics….seems they, Dems, do not have time for the political battles that we need to keep this country moving forward….however they do have time to rush out of town constantly to meet with their true owners……big dollar donors…..

To watch the games played by these people and one will see why discerning voters will look elsewhere for a candidate….those are the true patriots.

When will we ever learn?

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10 thoughts on “Why Are The Dems So Timid?

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’m totally getting to acknowledge this point … “Dems offer no opposition just pathetic theatrics … seems they, Dems, do not have time for the political battles that we need to keep this country moving forward … however they do have time to rush out of town constantly to meet with their true owners … big dollar donors … ”

  2. I think part of it is that they don’t have a master plan to work with as their basis for everything (or whatever it is, could they actually say it?). For most republicans, the Bible is the moral basis by which they judge where they should stand on things and they use it as such. What is the foundation the Dems have that they could point to? I totally get how frustrated Bill Maher has been for decades now regarding Dems and their inability to fight, because when one side thinks it has (the Christian) God on it’s side, the other had better do some communicating and scrambling and cut it off. But they’ve never done that.

    Beau said it a while back that the government has gone center right because Dems are too into finding the middle ground and compromising rather than taking the opposing position to balance it out. I hate it because we essentially have two right-wing major parties in this country, one’s just a bit farther to the left than the other one.

    And now with Barret’s confirmation, it’s gonna take tons more leverage to try to move the needle further left. I think that’s why AOC scared the hell out of the Repubs–she was energized and wanted to fight and they could see it. That’s another reason all these 30 or 40 year Dem senators need to retire and let others take their place. They don’t know how to fight anymore and need to move over and let the ones who want to fight take up the mantle.

      1. I think she gave the party a swift kick in the rear, but the Republicans felt it more. Weird. She practically has a megaphone telling the party “get back to the left, people!” I just gotta wonder at the pearl clutching when (fingers crossed) the party moves further left than centerish again. Just the barest hint of leftward movement and the Republicans scream socialism. Democrats just need to ignore them because they don’t have a clue. I think most of the Republican party wouldn’t know a real socialist if one hit ’em in the face.

        The more I think about it, the more I realize what a lot of you guys have been saying: it’s fear of losing status and losing power big time, which is why the GOP is acting like a trapped animal.

      2. I agree that the label needs to be ignored and move forward…..there is a whole bunch of young Left leaners this time….maybe we can start a actual move Left and stop pretending. chuq

    1. Pete Dems had a majority in all government in 2009 and yet they could get nothing done…as I say…they have great ideas but suck at politics. chuq

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