Closing Thought–14Oct20

20 days from the 2020 vote……

What Happened To The Moderate Republican?

That was a question I was asked recently by a friend and it got me to thinking about the disappearance of this political beast.

Back in the Dark Ages of American politics there use to be moderate Repubs and yes even some they would call “liberal” Repubs….those days are gone and it looks like for good.

Over a decade ago here on IST I looked at moderate/liberal Republicans…….

That post set up what to look for in a Repub candidate to see if they pass the test…’s crop there is NO such thing…..plenty of Neocons that are against Trump policies but that is because they loss control of the party not a change in stands.

The site has taken a look at the lack of moderate Repubs…..

So if Republicans were to lose on that scale — the House, the Senate and the presidency — that raises the question: Would the GOP change course?

This is a question I’ve thought about a lot, and it’s one of the reasons why I argue in my book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop,” that America’s two-party system is failing us. With the two parties now fully nationalized, deeply sorted by geography and culture, and locked in a tightly contested, zero-sum battle over “the soul of the nation” and the “American way of life,” it’s nearly impossible to break that cycle. And so I think it’s unlikely that Republicans will become more moderate even if they were to take the shellacking I’ve outlined above.

The problem is that political parties are not singular entities capable of easily changing course. They are, instead, a loose coalition of office-holders, interest groups, donors, activists, media personalities and many others, all jockeying and competing for power. Think of a giant tug of war in which all the tugs have been toward more extreme and more confrontational versions of the party.

Why There Are So Few Moderate Republicans Left

I do not see a change for the GOP no matter the outcome of the vote in 2020….there still way too many haters for the party to change…..but a better question is…will the GOP survive 2020?

Some believe that the GOP can redeem itself when Trump leaves office……I am not one of them…..

But defeat — no matter how large or ignominious— probably won’t redeem the GOP, nor cure it of its Trumpist excesses.

A landslide victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden “would turn the Trump era of nihilism, tribalism, and cruelty into a cautionary tale of extremism, illiberalism, and, above all, failure,” Andrew Sullivan wrote last week. He added: “And a landslide is the only thing that can possibly, finally break the far right fever that has destroyed the GOP as a legitimate right-of-center political party, and turned it into a paranoid, media-driven, fact-free festival of fear and animus.”

What are your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–14Oct20

      1. That’s what I was about to say–The Lincoln Project seems to have some pretty thoughtful republicans in it that I wouldn’t mind having a chat with (probably the few, and not just because they spout stuff in their ads that I’ve been thinking all along). They’re taking time to consider things instead of going off the deep end all the time.

        I think that’s the biggest thing I’m looking forward to January 21st (fingers and toes crossed that biden gets it): quiet. At least, l hope if the tantrum-thrower in chief goes nuts about the results on Twitter, the media wil ignore him instead of giving him a platform forever. Ugh.

        Is there a “former presidents'” club out there, where we’ve got Carter, Dubya, Clinton, Obama all ready to take Dump aside (by force if needed) and show him the ropes and tell him that “you had your life in the spotlight, now stay the hell out for a while”? That would be cool.

        Aw, hell, I just wondered something; considering how often former presidents have made appearances, written books, given speeches for pay… who would be willing to pay Dump for speaking at an event somewhere after all the crazy ramblings we’ve listened to these four years and change?

  1. I believe that Barry Goldwater started this snowball into the depths of HELL and even he warned against the republicans aligning themselves with Christian fundamentalists.

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