Closing Thought–14Oct20

20 days from the 2020 vote……

What Happened To The Moderate Republican?

That was a question I was asked recently by a friend and it got me to thinking about the disappearance of this political beast.

Back in the Dark Ages of American politics there use to be moderate Repubs and yes even some they would call “liberal” Repubs….those days are gone and it looks like for good.

Over a decade ago here on IST I looked at moderate/liberal Republicans…….

That post set up what to look for in a Repub candidate to see if they pass the test…’s crop there is NO such thing…..plenty of Neocons that are against Trump policies but that is because they loss control of the party not a change in stands.

The site has taken a look at the lack of moderate Repubs…..

So if Republicans were to lose on that scale — the House, the Senate and the presidency — that raises the question: Would the GOP change course?

This is a question I’ve thought about a lot, and it’s one of the reasons why I argue in my book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop,” that America’s two-party system is failing us. With the two parties now fully nationalized, deeply sorted by geography and culture, and locked in a tightly contested, zero-sum battle over “the soul of the nation” and the “American way of life,” it’s nearly impossible to break that cycle. And so I think it’s unlikely that Republicans will become more moderate even if they were to take the shellacking I’ve outlined above.

The problem is that political parties are not singular entities capable of easily changing course. They are, instead, a loose coalition of office-holders, interest groups, donors, activists, media personalities and many others, all jockeying and competing for power. Think of a giant tug of war in which all the tugs have been toward more extreme and more confrontational versions of the party.

Why There Are So Few Moderate Republicans Left

I do not see a change for the GOP no matter the outcome of the vote in 2020….there still way too many haters for the party to change…..but a better question is…will the GOP survive 2020?

Some believe that the GOP can redeem itself when Trump leaves office……I am not one of them…..

But defeat — no matter how large or ignominious— probably won’t redeem the GOP, nor cure it of its Trumpist excesses.

A landslide victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden “would turn the Trump era of nihilism, tribalism, and cruelty into a cautionary tale of extremism, illiberalism, and, above all, failure,” Andrew Sullivan wrote last week. He added: “And a landslide is the only thing that can possibly, finally break the far right fever that has destroyed the GOP as a legitimate right-of-center political party, and turned it into a paranoid, media-driven, fact-free festival of fear and animus.”

What are your thoughts?

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Time To Redefine!

As we get closer to the election in 2020 the MSM will continue to define the candidates as Left or Right and in some cases Centrists…l.all this defining is just a ploy to drive the conversation and to define the country politically as they see fit.

I am what use to be called a “Hard Leftist” and some people call Trump a Rightist and people like Biden as a “Centrist”…..all this needs a redefining program….none of the old definitions are accurate in these troubling times.

One of the most persistent—and destructive—myths in politics is that America is a center right country politically.  It is reinforced by both parties, the press, and pundits and it has become generally accepted by much of the public.  This myth explains why folks warn against going too far to the left; about the dangers of embracing—gasp—”socialism,” and why most attempts to divine the “electability” of the multitude of candidates in the Democratic race are misguided at best.

For example, from the center right, New York Times columnist and NPR commentator David Brooks said:

According to a recent Gallup poll, 35 percent of Americans call themselves conservative, 35 percent call themselves moderate and 26 percent call themselves liberal. The candidates at the debates this week fall mostly within the 26 percent. The party seems to think it can win without any of the 35 percent of us in the moderate camp, the ones who actually delivered the 2018 midterm win.

First of all, any objective analysis of the 2018 midterms shows it was progressive candidates and voters who delivered the win.

I agree this redefining is needed….I hate that moderates are calling themselves progressive these days and fascists are calling themselves conservative.

As a lifelong “Leftist” I despise the comparisons the media and ill-informed bloggers makes these days……they are defining who YOU are and you are allowing them to do so.


Time to stand up for who you are!

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I am hearing all those “great” pundits on the corporate media sites that keep telling me that the Dems will run to the middle the moderate….really?

What does it mean to be a moderate?

A moderate is considered someone occupying any mainstream position avoiding extreme views and major social change.

In other words a candidate that will allow the status quo to continue to rule the nation.

If Dems continue to embrace mediocrity then there will NEVER a more equal society for all its citizens. NEVER!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Independent voters will decide the election. Or better yet: Moderate voters will decide the election. Or, wait for it … If Democrats can move to the middle, they will win in 2020.

These tropes conjure up a particular image: a pivotal bloc of reasonable “independent” voters sick of the two major parties, just waiting for a centrist candidate to embrace a “moderate” policy vision. And there’s a reason this perception exits: You see just that if you look only at topline polling numbers, which show 40-plus percent of voters refusing to identify with a party, or close to 40 percent of voters calling themselves moderates.1 But topline polling numbers mask an underlying diversity of political thought that is far more complicated.

The Moderate Middle Is A Myth

If you want mediocrity just to say that we beat Trump then we deserve all the horrible stuff that moderates bring with them.

And please do not get me started on what I think of so-called “independents”.

Centrists/moderate policies have done little to help the working class….and yet they keep winning and we keep losing.

Then we can pretend that the independents will save us from ourselves….and in the end we still lose.

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Dems Run To The Center

That is the lie from the MSM……that this country is a center left or center right country…..I disagree and I have written about this lie extensively….

And then my favorite lie from the MSM….”electability”……

I bring all this up because we are in the throes of another election to pick a Dem nominee then the president and the media is doing all they can to elect Joe Biden….they give a whiff of not being biased by focusing on the front runners but with caveats…..

The media has its darling, Joe Biden, a ‘moderate’ that is in the same vane that lost twice and yet they are embracing and pushing a return to the past…..

Clinton lost in 2016 mainly because she ran a poor campaign. In retrospect, though, in view of all the nefarious things she stood for and all the political currents she embodied, it was bound to be tough going for her even with an opponent as preposterous as the one she had.

Democrats ought to take that lesson to heart. But Democrats will be Democrats and so many of them are hellbent instead on doing just the opposite.

Their moderation has become so extreme that Clinton, along with some of her unreconstructed supporters, have lately been floating feelers about her running again. Seriously!

Worse by far – not just because it is far more likely to happen — leading Democrats and their toadies on the cable news networks are still pushing the idea that only Joe Biden, the doddering dufus himself, can guarantee a Trump defeat.

First Lose All the Moderates

Personally I do not think that centrists/moderates/ whatever we want to call the spineless in the party will not win the White House in 2020……

I keep hearing that the Democratic primary is coming down to someone who’s “electable” versus someone who has “ideas.”

This is pure nonsense. Beating Donald Trump requires getting out the vote. And in order to get people to turn out and vote, a presidential candidate has to be inspiring. Which means big ideas, a vision of an America that could become a reality if we all got behind it, a sense of where we need to be heading.

Don’t be fooled. This primary is not a contest between someone who’s electable and someone who has big ideas. Big ideas are essential in order to be electable.

The Mainstream media is picking the candidate for the public and so far they are winning the hearts and minds of the voter for Joe Biden…..

I refuse to let them do this to me….how about you?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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Where Has The GOP Gone?

Gone to tribalism and stupidity…… the days of Trump….some ask “what happened”?……(not Trump supporters for most cannot spell “GOP”)…….

Cult leaders arise from decayed communities and societies in which people have been shorn of political, social and economic power. The disempowered, infantilized by a world they cannot control, gravitate to cult leaders who appear omnipotent and promise a return to a mythical golden age. The cult leaders vow to crush the forces, embodied in demonized groups and individuals, that are blamed for their misery. The more outrageous the cult leaders become, the more they flout law and social conventions, the more they gain in popularity. Cult leaders are immune to the norms of established society. This is their appeal. Cult leaders demand a God-like power. Those who follow them grant them this power in the hope that the cult leaders will save them.

I recall my grandfather was a Repub and I helped him work on the election of 1956……in those days the GOP stood for good stuff not the silly crap they have these days… 1956 the platform had seven planks worth a re-visit……

1. Provide federal assistance to low-income communities;

2. Protect Social Security;

3. Provide asylum for refugees;

4. Extend minimum wage;

5. Improve unemployment benefit system so it covers more people;

6. Strengthen labor laws so workers can more easily join a union;

7. Assure equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.

Image result for 1956 GOP platform images

Moderate Republicans were the mainstay of the party and today they are all but lost to history….why?

To answer I found a couple of articles……first we begin with the days of Mitt Romney…..

Mitt Romney has been running for president as the Republican nominee, de facto or de jure, for eight months now, and the grand historical joke of it has not yet worn off. A party that has set itself to frantically, fanatically expunge its moderates, quasi-moderates, suspected moderates, and fellow travelers of moderates chose as its standard bearer the lineal heir, biographically and genealogically, to its moderate tradition. It entrusted its holy crusade to repeal Barack Obama’s hated health-care law to the man who had inspired it and run, four years before, promising to do the same for the rest of America. The man and his historical moment could not be more incongruous. It was as if the Mongol tribes of the thirteenth century, setting out to pillage their way across the Asian steppe, had somehow chosen Mahatma Gandhi as their supreme khan.

Take for instance McCain….since his death his loyal comrade has drank the poison kool-aid of Trump…..

John McCain’s political legacy is likely to be the subject of conversation and reflection for quite a while after his death on Saturday. But his Arizona Senate seat probably won’t stay vacant for long. Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona will appoint McCain’s replacement, and the Republican can select someone as soon as he wants. I expect him to land on a replacement within the next two weeks, maybe even sooner (it has been clear for months that McCain was close to death and might need to be replaced). Ducey’s choice is likely to be sworn into the Senate within a few days of being chosen — and then become a fairly reliable vote for initiatives backed by President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

So what kind of politician should we expect Ducey to land on for McCain’s replacement, and what will that choice mean for the future of the Senate, President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination and national politics in general?

Fast forward to today and the election in waiting…..the GOP has lost most if not all its centrist……

Ryan Costello came to Washington the old-fashioned way. Growing up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in a family of educators, he imagined government service to be like the Norman Rockwell painting of a farmer standing up at a town-hall meeting: a noble calling. By the time Costello turned twenty-one, in 1997, he wanted to be a congressman. He was elected the township supervisor of West Chester, Pennsylvania, while he was at Villanova law school; then he became the Chester County recorder of deeds, then a county commissioner, and then a commission chairman. This was the kind of solid ladder that an ambitious young Republican, in the tidy suburbs west of Philadelphia, climbed in order to reach for bigger things. In 2014, after the Republican incumbent in Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District announced his retirement, Costello—at thirty-seven, the heir apparent—ran for his seat, and coasted to victory.

I miss the days of moderate GOPers… least with them we could debate instead of slinging insults as we do with the Trump-tards…..real GOPers need to reclaim their party for the sanity of the nation.


Moderates In The Weeds

The day after the State of the Union speech……have you had enough?……….it was, as I anticipated, a yawn…..a petty bunch of pathetic individuals trying to bully the opposition….that needs to be the last SOTU if that is what it has come down to…….but as long as I am posting on politics let’s go crazy….shall we?

Personally I think the state of the union speech is worthless and a waste of time……all presidents promise and seldom deliver….why bother?

Since everyone will be focusing on some random speech…..I think I will have a hodge podge day…..I usually try to have a theme of the day and post relevant pieces to that theme…..but from time to time I like to break character and do something whimsical…..a hodge-podge day.

Awhile back a study said that many Americans were centrists…..then there was one that said that we were becoming more liberal….and now it is something about moderates….or some such……

If one follows politics then one would think that the ‘new’ Right, the radical Right, was the coming storm….that we would be in for many years of gridlock, fake scandals, meetings, and less congressional work than ever……but you know that is only in the media, at least as far as my experience goes …..I have found many on the Right are actually well versed in the politics of the day……some of the older GOP members are talking with more than half their brain….people like Steele, Shultz, Sullivan….I mean they still cling to some of the out-dated crap but for the most part they see what the party needs to do to win national elections.

I have also found that while I know many Tea Party advocates I still see them as reasonably well educated in their party…..when dealing with them one on one they speak coherently and to the point and even some have ideas……while I do not think they will work to get our country back on track….,.at least there is ideas and just mindless rambling on subjects long dead……

I bring this up because I read a piece written by David Brooks and I find him dead on…at least in my opinion……check it out for yourself…..

You wouldn’t know it to listen to Republican politicians, but there’s a new eminently reasonable brand of conservatism brewing, based on the principle of “skeptical reform,” writes David Brooks at the New York Times. Current Republicans have defined themselves as anti-government, leaving them “no governing agenda for people facing concrete needs.” This new breed of thinkers instead focuses on remedying specific social ills—even if that means using government as a tool. “Government is not the only solution, but it is not the only problem.” These thinkers acknowledge “that the world is too complicated to be centrally planned,” and hence strive to harness markets—instead of dictating them like ObamaCare. But unlike today’s often too-fervent Republicans, they’re skeptical of their own solutions as well, so they aim for gradual, mindful reform. Brooks thinks this school will catch on, because “the Republican style of recent years has produced a vacuum where concrete proposals should be.” When Republicans need policies of their own, they’ll “find there is no other game in town.” For examples of these kinds of policies, see the full column.

The only problem I foresee is that of desire…….does the Party truly desire a national win or will they succumb to the mind numbing crap of the rabid Right?

We Are All Centrists

Or Why We Hate Labels……….

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Political Science/Political Theory/


We hear daily, especially if you are a political junkie, that the country is a centrist country, wither center right or center left, and that we all are that with a few exceptions of those lunatics on the far right and far left…..most media pundits say that we move to the center after each election, because that is where most Americans are located…is that true?

Centrists are fence sitters……most Americans are fence sitters….ergo, most Americans are centrists

You may think about it for a long time, but the answer will always be the same……yes we are….we are a centrist people…..but why are we a centrist people?  It is NOT because of the thinking of the people….but rather the political system that forces us to be centrist….yes I said forces…..why?

The two party system comes to  mind first……the voter has NO choice beyond Dem or Repub….any other choice and it is marginalized by the media so that the two parties may continue their strangle hold on the electorate….

Rhetoric may be Left or Right, but action is almost always center….very few exceptions…….and then there this new movement of centrists or moderates, if you will….No Labels, they call themselves…..they do not want to be put into a certain ideologue camp………they are CENTRISTS!……..but think about that for a moment….(pause here for reflection)…….

Here is statement of purpose:

  • Americans are entitled to a government and a political system that works – driven by shared purpose and common sense.
  • Americans deserve a government that makes the necessary choices to rein in runaway deficits, secure Social Security and Medicare, and put our country on a viable, sound path going forward.Americans support a government that works to spur employment and economic opportunity by encouraging free and open markets, tempered by sensible regulation.
  • Americans want a government that empowers people with the tools for success – from a world-class education to affordable healthcare – provided that it does so in a fiscally prudent way.
  • America should be free from discrimination and should embrace the principle of equal opportunity.
  • America must be strong and safe, ready and able to protect itself in a world of multiple dangers and uncertainties.

Holy crap!  What novel ideas!  Sounds like every other party and their statement of principles…..where is this any different than the crap we live with now?  Just looks like another PAC that is seeking money to advance their ideas and their candidates….none of it sounds anywhere near a new idea…..

A new organization of centrists that will NOT be labeled…..fine,  but first…..

Sorry guys….that is a LABEL!

You may call yourself a conservative or a liberal (present day progressive)….but that is all it is a title that bestowed on yourself to explain, to  try to explain, why you feel or believe the way that you do.  Below the rhetoric, we all are centrists….it is NOT a special movement afoot….it has been that way since the beginning in 1787 and we just enforce that center path with our choices…….

These so-called centrists want us to believe that there is another way of governance, other than the two party system….there is Not…why?  Because we are all centrists…….we have always been a centrists country……

This effort kinda remains me of another con job, Unity ’08, it was a “movement” of moderates to find a better way than the two parties….but it was mostly to raise money and to try and get Bloomberg to run….nothing about issues other than some vague concept of working together…….a con job will always be a con job…..smells more like a money scam…….

Scott Brown–New Style Politician


Remember the day the Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts to replace the dead Sen. Kennedy?  He was the Tea Party candidate that was gonna change Washington….he was this new style politician….a true moderate that would do what he promised and in turn would change the way business was being done in Washington….

The media was all a flutter with his election to the Senate, especially the conservatives on the air….he was a new God to be worshiped because he bucked the system and won the election……

That was then…this is now!

When Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown addressed supporters after his upset victory in January, he declared there would be “no more closed-door meetings or back-room deals by an out-of-touch party leadership.”

After private talks with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd and other top Democrats, Brown scored a series of exemptions from the “Volcker rule” — which would bar certain forms of proprietary trading — a provision pushed by big Massachusetts banks and financial firms, including State Street Corp. and Mass Mutual.Brown insists the changes he sought that would benefit Massachusetts firms were also national in scope, so they would not amount to a carve-out for a special interest back home.

More than a few of his colleagues grumbled at the freshman Republican’s outsize influence over the final stages of the financial reform talks. And several suggested that Brown’s deal making wasn’t very different from what Republicans had lampooned during the health care debate.

A new style politician?  Kinda smells like the same fecal matter that is ALWAYS present in Washington….there you go……change you can believe in….and you were easy enough to believe the crap….happy now?
I have yet to hear the media cover this….that would mean that they would have to admit that they were WRONG…..about Brown and his politics…..and about the vague promise of change…..

Populism Vs Capitalism

Note:  This is a reprint of a piece written by Chris Ladd on the site….….I decided to publish the whole article because there are not a lot of clicks on other sites from Info Ink….this piece is worthy of a good read and not to depend on a click to have it read in its entirety……I hope that Chris will understand….

This is a re-print of Mr. Ladds’s piece…….……or go to my blogroll…… excellent site….visit often you will not be disappointed………

Populism vs. Capitalism

As near as I can tell from the speeches and signs, any institution that existed prior to the crisis (except fundamentalist churches) is destroying America, and any institution which is trying to use government power to solve the crisis, whether a capitalist bastion like the Federal Reserve, or those dirty commies in Congress, is also destroying America.

If you try to make sense of these protests in terms of the old 20th century divide between liberal democracy and socialism you risk having your head explode.  In spite of all the blather from the AM radio crowd, this is not about decent hardworking Americans working to protect their capitalist economy.  This is about decent, hardworking Americans mistakenly flailing away to protect a dead, rural, notion of American identity against the growing power of global capitalism.

More than two centuries later, we still cannot get past the battle between Jefferson and Hamilton, between agrarian independence and the urban profit machine.  The battle is made more comic/tragic by the fact that few of us know which side we are on. This battle is so old and has taken on so many forms that we have mostly lost track of its origins.  But its shape is still the same.

Hamiltonian capitalism needs intelligent regulation in order to maintain transparency in markets and keep shirkers, moochers, and frauds from bringing down the system.  It needs central banking, roads, airports, canals, environmental protections, and other infrastructure.  Jeffersonian rural life just needs a national defense, a few courts, and a place to sell my cotton.

We Republicans who, at least according to our websites, are the defenders of free market capitalism, are doing everything in our power to cripple our financial institutions.  We fought government efforts last year to avert the collapse of the financial system from a collapse brought on in large part by our refusal to use the tools of government to impose reasonable rules in the financial marketplace.  We fought the stimulus package.  We are fighting efforts at job creation, efforts aimed at using capital markets for small business loans, to foster business development.

We are fighting efforts to bring even the most limited transparency to the derivatives markets that brought our banking system to its knees.  Now our Congressional leaders are waging a campaign to eviscerate the Federal Reserve, the last institution independent from Congress which can help rebuild the broken capital system.  If there were any real socialists left in our political system, they would be cheering us.

We call ourselves capitalists, but act like 19th-century, populist, Democrats.  Why?  It is not nearly as much fun to face the difficult questions of how to protect Jeffersonian values in a Hamiltonian world as it is to hunt for conspiracies.  When politics is entertainment, Beck and Coulter set the agenda.  Plus you get to go to a (tea) party.  How cool is that!

As a political party we need to decide whether we love capitalism or hate it.  Sound, vibrant markets require intelligent regulation.  When they work properly they provide the fuel for innovation and business growth that has made America a financial superpower.  We cannot have the power of capitalism with a Jeffersonian attitude toward regulation.

Jeffersonian-style limited government is to capitalism what salt water is to your goldfish – not so good.  A suspicion of central banks so strong you can taste it, resentment of capital markets, hatred toward those “fat cats,  who run things; these are not Republican values.  Marching through the streets right now to protest Marxism is like rallying against Monarchy.  Great, sure, but not all that valuable.  Are we going to be progressive, capitalist Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt and John McCain, or wallow in an updated version of 19th-century Jeffersonian populism, guided by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin?

The outcome will determine whether we have the flexibility to lead an increasing competitive world, or shrink into paranoia and weakness.

Note:  to get to republicansunited go to my blogroll and click on it there are some excellent points of view on the site….once again I thank my friends at the site for their cooperation…..

Will Conservatism Make A Comeback?

With all the shenanigans this past summer and the economy’s slow pace to recovery…the country seems to be turning away form change and embracing conservative ideas….a recent Gallup Poll shows that 45% of Americans say they a conservative, 36% moderate and 20% liberal…so does this mean that the US is becoming more conservative?  If you want it to…then by all means cheer…but the Gallup is the ONLY poll that shows conservatives in the lead…..all others show that Americans identify themselves as moderate, then conservative and then liberal.

Writing about this subject E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post:

It’s important to note that there is a debate over what these ideological labels actually mean to voters. And polls that give respondents the chance of calling themselves “progressive” produce a substantially larger number on the left end of the spectrum, since many who won’t pick the “liberal” label do call themselves “progressive.” A study earlier this year by the Center for American Progress found that when progressive and libertarian were offered as additional options, the country was split almost exactly in half between left and right.

To answer the question…..will conservatism make a comeback?……it never really was gone…it has been replaced with paleo-conservatism…real conservatism is always alive and well…it is just not in power right now….

When a party that calls itself conservative tries to eliminate all others wothout the “proper” set of “values”….is a dying party….if they cannot tolerate dissenting members then the party is doomed….just look at a lot of the “left” parties of the 1900’s…split after split after split until there was nothing left to make it as viable party.

Could the election in NY 23rd be a precursor to 2010?  Will true conservatives have to run against paleo-conservatives in a third party?  I do not see where there is much choice we either crap on real issues and vote solely on values or we just stay home….something Americans are famous for on off year elections…..

This could be the beginning of TAPS for an old party of conservatives….a once respected party….but now a much laughed at party….sad…it need not die like this…it deserves better…..

Note:  Over the weekend, the GOP candidate in NY’s 23rd has bowed out of the race leaving the neo-con to face the Dem…..did she do this for the good of the Party or was she coerced?