That Trump Drug Discount Card

The closer we get to the election the more blatant the tricks by the GOP and Trump are becoming to try and secure votes.

Our dear president has lied constantly to the seniors that are fighting high cost of drugs…..he went so far as to tell diabetics that he has made insulin cheap as water……

Apparently he has NEVER even bothered to look at the cost of insulin for diabetics……another cheap lie at election time.

Then his brilliant idea of a drug discount card for $200 for seniors……and that I have also written about……

Another lie another cheap trick begging for votes.

But if you are a fiscal conserv you might ask just where will the money come from from this “discount card”?

Well in a typical Repub plan he plans to raid Medicare for the funds for his cheap trick…..

I then read an article about this intended plan….

Less than a month away from the November election, Trump administration officials are reportedly rushing to implement the president’s recent proposal to send $200 prescription drug discount cards to nearly 40 million Medicare recipients—an $8 billion plan that would be financed by dipping into the Medicare trust fund.

Politico reported Thursday that the administration is “seeking to finalize the plan as soon as Friday and send letters to 39 million Medicare beneficiaries next week, informing seniors of Trump’s new effort to lower their drug costs, although many seniors would not receive the actual cards until after the election.” While the design of the cards has yet to be finalized, officials are reportedly discussing ways to put Trump’s name on them.

The plan would cost $7.9 billion, according to Politico, with $19 million going toward letters touting the initiative, which advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers are denouncing as an obvious and potentially unlawful campaign ploy that would provide little relief for the millions impacted by obscenely high drug prices.

Like I stated earlier…a pathetic cheap trick in the search for votes.

But will Seniors see this worthless program for what it is?  A cheap trick and an attempt to help bankrupt Medicare.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


I read, I write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

7 thoughts on “That Trump Drug Discount Card

  1. Is there a better way to lower drug costs for seniors? How would any price reduction be financed ? What I find perplexing is that even though I pay part D drug premium and have drug plan as required I have been using Good RX coupons for unbelievable savings.

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