All The Evidence We Need

I have been saying for years that the GOP does not like democracy very much for their actions since about 1980 have been to curb any and all of the pillars of democracy… voter suppression and the Constitution as a whole….yes they use the document as a political prop but they do NOT think it should be followed.

Recently a GOPer from Utah, Mike Lee, has shown the country the real agenda of the GOP…….

A top Republican senator has said that “democracy isn’t the objective” of America’s political system, sparking widespread outrage at a time when his party has been accused by Democrats of plotting voter suppression and questioning a peaceful transition of power in November’s election.

The Utah senator Mike Lee made the inflammatory declaration in an early morning tweet following Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate.

“Democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity are. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that,” he wrote, misspelling prosperity.

Lee is articulating a view that has long been in vogue on the American right but which Republican politicians were generally hesitant to express openly. The premise is that liberty is a higher value than democracy, and they define liberty to mean a right to property that precludes redistribution. That is to say, the far right does not merely view progressive taxation, regulation and the welfare state as impediments to growth, but as fundamentally oppressive. A political system that truly secured freedom would not allow the majority to gang up on the minority and redistribute their income for themselves.

Sounds a bit authoritarian in content to me.

Lee was a critic of Trump in 2016 even prompting him to withdraw at one point….but since then he has donned his knee pads and graveled at the lap of Trump.

Lee needs to look at the agenda…..

From the perspective of the right, Trump’s assault on democracy has advanced the cause of freedom and liberty, on net. His regressive tax cuts and deregulation have returned property to their rightful owners. Republicans believe that the political system must retain, and ideally expand, its counter-majoritarian features: restrictive ballot-access rules that restrict the franchise to the most “worthy” citizens, gerrymandered maps that allow the white rural minority to exercise control, a Senate that disproportionately represents white and Republican voters, and a Supreme Court that believes the Republican economic program is written into the Constitution.

Lee employs an age old GOP talking point to curb democratic progress….

Lee, who is among a swath of Republicans who recently tested positive for coronavirus, wrote: ‘The word “democracy” appears nowhere in the Constitution, perhaps because our form of government is not a democracy. It’s a constitutional republic. To me it matters. It should matter to anyone who worries about the excessive accumulation of power in the hands of the few.’

He added: “Government is the official use of coercive force–nothing more and nothing less. The Constitution protects us by limiting the use of government force.”

Anyone that still supports the GOP after this is not a patriot or a true American.

Peace Out!

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10 thoughts on “All The Evidence We Need

  1. Ugh–awful man. Awful way to look at things. But I shudder to think what they think the state of the U.S. would be with over 300 million folks in abject poverty and no work because the rich kept it all (and if they’d be totally okay with it).
    I hate this me-me-me direction of the Republican party, and considering how many of the newer generations seem to think we should take care of each other, have equal rights and access to stuff… yeah, no wonder they’re losing constituents. But they’re grasping greedily as best they can, getting what they want and pulling the ladder up behind them because they’ve got theirs. It’s sick.
    I can’t understand the tax dodges the super rich are always so desperate to try. Is it an ego thing, that it cuts into their “i’ve got a bigger wallet than you” thing?” I can only imagine the horror and shock if they finally had to work and get the pay rate of a lower middle class person and pay that lovely tax rate in the end.

    1. Those tax cuts are never about you and me it is for the rich and they sell it as middle class help….it is all lies but effective lies. chuq

      1. i had a brief flash of pop culture. I loved the end of a Adam Ruins everything episode about weddings and divorces (reagan was in it because he approved California’s no-fault divorce statute). And at the end, he’s ladling chocolate fondue or something on the top of the wedding cake, trying to explain trickle-down economics to someone, who says “it’s just pooling on the top there” and Reagan’s going, like “oh no no, it’s going to move down” (and he’s still ladling, and it hasn’t spilled off yet)

        Love the not-so-subtle criticism there. They never seem to have an answer as to how far down the money’s supposed to trickle, because you can be sure it never gets to the bottom and the folks who need it most.

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