Profiteering From War

Since 1979 and the fateful day when the Iranians took over the US embassy in Tehran there has been some sort of sanctions placed on the Iranian government.

Now we are placing sanctions on Syrians as well.

This time it is some guy that is a friend of Assad’s brother…..and he was targeted for war profiteering….

The Treasury Department imposed sanctions today on Syrian war profiteer Khodr Ali Taher and 11 of his companies – part of the fourth set of designations since the Caesar Act went into effect this past June. The targeting of Taher, a protégé of Bashar al-Assad’s younger brother Maher, is consistent with U.S. efforts to target the Assad family and its closest confidantes, especially the young entrepreneurs who have helped the regime take advantage of war-related business opportunities.

Taher rose to prominence after he began working with Syria’s 4th Armored Division, over which Maher al-Assad exercises control. The 4th Division’s security bureau, which handles its business affairs, began contracting with Taher in 2016 to protect its convoys. The firms Treasury sanctioned today include Castle Security and Protection LLC, which Taher founded in 2017 to manage his protection business. According to Treasury, the firm also operates lucrative checkpoints that collect fees from those crossing the front lines or the border with Lebanon.

Sanctions Target War Profiteer Working for Assad’s Brother

That was a report from a Neocon site… I ask what do you call Halleburton, et al?

I know free enterprise, right?

Does that not sound a bit hypocritical?

Now my question is…why is the US the only nation that can participate in free enterprise all others are war profiteers?

Those are rhetorical questions since I understand the concept of might makes right and the US tries to make its own rules.

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17 thoughts on “Profiteering From War

  1. I’d love to know the answer to that myself. Classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.”
    This mindset is why I worry about when the government does things like drone strikes and all. How many times when going after a target did women and children, non-combatants die? And they called it “collateral damage.”
    When they get fed up and get the ability to drone strike us and kill civvies, are we gonna shrug it off and call it “collateral damage”, too?
    The answer rhymes with “schmo”

      1. Yeah, I absolutely hate that phrase. If you ask any mindless “patriot” what makes us exceptional, few would be able to give you a good answer (beyond “best military in the world”). If you asked questions about a nation that did x, y, or z and they were appalled, but then mentioned that it was the U.S. that did those things, they’d change the subject really fast.
        Thanks for the link. I am positive I’ve read it before, but let’s face it, I love a history lesson when I can’t sleep, and I’m willing to read more (hee hee). We need to bring civic education back to schools, because so few young voters know what the hell they’re voting for, other than president. Admittedly, I don’t even know who is running for office in Texas because of the freaking Dump coverage.
        Gonna rectify that this morning, that’s for sure.

      2. Patriotism is another word that I dislike…for they are not talking patriotism but rather some mindless political agenda.

        I appreciate your reading……I do a lot of historic pots…today later I will have one about Wilson and the pandemic…..chuq

      3. ooh, that’ll be a good one. I read Pandemic 1918 a few months ago, but didn’t get much of an angle on how the administration dealt with it, now that I think about it. That should be interesting.

      4. pretty sure I did. Heaven knows you write a lot. I’m sure you mentioned 1798, which was one of the biggies. My great disasters book from reader’s digest mentions a bunch in the past few centuries, some of which hit us, too.

  2. America has long had the idea that what they want to do is acceptable, but if anyone else does it it is not. History will judge the USA as the constant ‘aggressor’ of modern times I have no doubt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. That’s why independent news outlets are so important for Peace. More and more People start listening to the Grayzone, Global Research, Corbett Report, Empire Files, and of course Mint Press. As-salamu alaykum

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