The Iron Triangle

This could be that area of South Vietnam during that war……

The heavily forested Cu Chi and Iron Triangle jungles were frequently... |  Download Scientific Diagram

…..but it is not for no one gives a shit about that war anymore…..nor the Iron Triangle from the Korean War.

The Iron Triangle I am talking about in this post is a political or should I say a bureaucratic one.

I recent tried to inform my readers about the government contract process……

And that lead me to this particular part of our federal bureaucracy….the Iron Triangle.

But first a few words about the institution we called bureaucracy…..

Red tape. Paper pushers. Bean counters. Vast, cookie-cutter buildings with fluorescent lighting and thousands of file cabinets.

These are the images that come to mind when many Americans think of government bureaucracy. A bureaucrat is someone who works in administrative capacity for the government. How important are bureaucrats and their government agencies in actually running the United States government? According to some, they are the real government — the ones behind the scenes who go to work when the politicians are enjoying the spotlight.

Max Weber, a German sociologist was one of the first people in modern times to think seriously about the importance of bureaucracy. The term actually comes from the French word “bureau,” a reference to the small desks that the king’s representatives set up in towns as they traveled across the country on king’s business. So bureaucracy literally means “government with a small desk.”

Now on to the Iron Triangle…..

Iron Triangle Examples

The term “iron triangle” is a term used to describe the dynamics of policy-making between special interest groups, Congress and governmental agencies. The interrelationship between these three factions can create a self-sufficient (and sometimes corrupt) sub governmental situation in which American citizens’ best interests are ignored in favor of receiving special favors and regulation changes for passing particular legislation.

Other times, special interest groups (SIGs) like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will lobby to have meaningful laws passed that protect a certain group of people. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad with the following iron triangle examples.

Special interest groups are a key element in the iron triangle because they can create a governmental situation in which their lobbyists have an undue influence on government.

Another corner of the iron triangle is Congress. Congress exchanges “friendly legislation” to interest groups as well as bureaucrats and governmental agencies in order to gain their support in elections.

Anyone that has studied Civics, you know that dying subject that few care about, they would understand what the “Triangle” represents.

The Iron Triangle

The Iron Triangle is responsible for the stalemate in Congress…if the legislation does not benefit them then they throw cash at select Congresspeople and bring any progress to a halt.

The Iron Triangle needs to be dismembered once and for all…never to return to hold the nation captive.

Just A Thought!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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