US Needs A New Foreign Policy

As a foreign policy geek I feel that foreign policy should be front and center in this election…..after all we are still fighting on at least 3 of the continents.

First there will be little new if Biden wins the election.

Our foreign policy has been one of war first diplomacy later tactic for 50+ years……this leads to the endless wars that we are plagued with today.

Cultivating any coherent national foreign policy won’t be possible without a common goal, concrete values, and a clear vision of what America is and should be. But a sharp generational divide provides major obstacles to this path forward, also a real chance for much-needed reform.

In the post-Cold War era, American foreign policy considerations seemed to be increasingly separated from domestic issues. Undergirding the American strategy was the spread of liberal democracy around the world—through international institutions or by force. Domestic support of this project was easy in a world that remembered a forceful America defeating the Nazis and landing on the moon. Today’s grandparents and their grandparents remember an America worth fighting for.

As I have said our foreign policy has been going in the wrong direction….especially since Pompeo has taken over the State Department……he is a Neocon that will do what he can to start new wars ……

The new president needs to re-structure the State Department…..

The foreign policy apparatus of the United States has a significant issue of hubris. It also has a structural problem. The two are deeply intertwined. While a lot can still happen in the next three months, it looks like Joe Biden’s team will win the presidency in November. Such a victory would signal not just consent for Biden and the Democratic party, but exhaustion at the last four years of endless dramas and politicization. That wellspring of exhaustion isn’t just from Trump, but from the American political system, and a key challenge for Biden will be to demonstrate at the outset he is different. One way to do that is to show that government actually works, and rely on careerists to fill a much larger portion of the foreign policy key positions at the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury, both domestically and at embassies abroad.

Re-Structuring American Foreign Policy Post-Trump

The American Conservative makes some great points….

Four years after the once unthinkable election of a Republican president who called the Iraq war a “mistake,” America still needs a genuinely conservative foreign policy of realism and restraint.

Hegemonists and hyper-interventionists are being challenged for the first time in two decades, perhaps as never before in the post-Cold War era. The folly of their never-ending, no-win wars is evident to voters, prime-time cable news hosts, diplomats, academics, even the veterans and active-duty soldiers who have fought in them. A new generation of conservative thought leaders is coming of age that turns the thinking that prevailed under George W. Bush on its head, yet the Right is still underrepresented in the fight against the hawkish dead consensus and the GOP’s governing class lags well behind.

The Foreign Policy We Need

We definitely need a new way of thinking about international situations…..but sadly I do not think that no matter who wins in November our foreign policy will remain about the same…..same wars….same rhetoric…..

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2 thoughts on “US Needs A New Foreign Policy

  1. I also think nothing will change if Biden wins. The same friendship with Israel and the Saudis, the same old ‘enemies’. It just goes on and on.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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