Pandemics Helped Build Mega-Corporations

Yes I know another one of the professor’s historic posts……history is where it is at people.

I read an interesting article about pandemics and how they helped build the mega-corporations….but first a little background from earlier posts here on IST……

There have been many pandemics through history and each time someone dies and others profit……

In June 1348, people in England began reporting mysterious symptoms. They started off as mild and vague: headaches, aches, and nausea. This was followed by painful black lumps, or buboes, growing in the armpits and groin, which gave the disease its name: bubonic plague. The last stage was a high fever, and then death.

Originating in Central Asia, soldiers and caravans had brought bubonic plague – Yersina pestis, a bacterium carried on fleas that lived on rats – to ports on the Black Sea. The highly commercialised world of the Mediterranean ensured the plague’s swift transfer on merchant ships to Italy, and then across Europe. The Black Death killed between a third and a half of the population of Europe and the Near East.

This huge number of deaths was accompanied by general economic devastation. With a third of the workforce dead, the crops could not be harvested and communities fell apart. One in ten villages in England (and in Tuscany and other regions) were lost and never re-founded. Houses fell into the ground and were covered by grass and earth, leaving only the church behind. If you ever see a church or chapel all alone in a field, you are probably looking at the last remains of one of Europe’s lost villages.

Throughout history there are winners and losers……usually it is the working stiffs that lose out and those with the money that make out like bandits…..

Think this is not the case?

Let’s look at Bezos……in one day during this pandemic…..

How do you treat yourself when you make $13 billion in one day? We’ll have to ask Jeff Bezos, who, per Bloomberg, saw that amount added to his net worth Monday, the largest single-day boost to one person’s wealth since the Bloomberg Billionaires Index began in 2012. A big part of his newfound windfall: Amazon shares rising 7.9% Monday (they’ve been up 73% so far this year). The 56-year-old Amazon founder has made $74 billion in 2020, bringing his overall fortune up to nearly $190 billion—more than what Nike or McDonald’s is worth. Earlier this year, Business Insider reported

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2 thoughts on “Pandemics Helped Build Mega-Corporations

  1. Apparently, he has bought a mountain and is building a 10,000 year clock inside.
    Obviously a better use of a $13 billion one-day income than helping the sick or the poor in America. But that clock is only expected to cost around $50 million, so he still has sufficient change to build a few free hospitals and fund them.
    I cannot even express how enraged this disgusting display of obscene Capitalism makes me feel.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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