Closing Thought–23Jul20

Pres. Trump has been setting the stage to challenge an election since 2016…..and he has made it clear that he will not accept the votes that are cast if he does not win.

In a Fox News interview that aired Sunday, President Donald Trump refused to commit to accepting the results of the 2020 presidential election and baselessly claimed mail-in voting is going to “rig” the contest—remarks one advocacy group condemned as an “insidious” attack on democracy.

“I have to see,” Trump said when asked by Fox News host Chris Wallace whether he intends to accept the election results. “No, I’m not gonna just say yes. I’m not gonna say it, and I didn’t last time either.”

Sean Eldridge, founder and president of Stand Up America, said in a statement that Trump’s comments show “he is an existential threat to our democracy and has no respect for the rule of law.”

“For five years, Trump has sought to undermine our elections again and again—from soliciting foreign interference to making baseless claims about voter fraud to lying about the results of the 2016 election,” said Eldridge. “Today’s comments are an escalation in these attacks on our democracy and show the insidious ways in which Trump is working to sow doubt about the outcome of this election before votes are even cast.”

I will be interested in see how many of his supporters will come to his side and defend such blatant treasonous attitudes.

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11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Jul20

  1. Really far fetched. Actually completely absurd. When he says “he’ll have to see” that does not mean he won’t accept election results. It means if there are legitimate concerns over possible irregularities he may challenge but does not mean he would not accept clear defeat or Electoral College conclusion. . Pure Trump hate suggestions. Really beneath your intelligence (and that of your readership)to even post this suggestion as other media suggests too.

    1. It is absurd that you refuse to see what is … intelligence is not in question….his however is…..pure Trump love. chuq

    2. Carl, of course he won’t accept the results if he loses. Will he have to be dragged out kicking and screaming? Probably not. But that’s not to say he’s going to use every tool at his disposal to challenge the results, possibly dragging this out for months. He’ll make the 2000 election look like a cakewalk.

  2. To imagine that Trump has not thought through his resistance to the loss of the upcoming election shows a lack of insight into the Donald and unimaginable naivety. I’m with Pelosi “we will fumigate him out if necessary “.

  3. I have to think he imagines a popular swell of support will rise up if he loses. In all truth, I don’t see that happening if he is defeated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. There will be lots of back talk when he loses and it will last as long as he has a platform…..refuse him of that and he will slip away….chuq

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