So Long John Lewis

Yesterday we lost yet another giant of the civil rights movement……Rep. John Lewis has died of cancer at 80……

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered flags at the US Capitol to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rep. John Lewis, who died Friday at the age of 80 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Tributes and statements are now pouring in for the civil rights legend and longtime congressman, including from former President Obama; the family of Martin Luther King Jr., who was close friends with Lewis; and many others. Read on for some standouts:

  • The Lewis family: They confirmed his death in a statement, saying they were caught in “inconsolable grief and enduring sadness” over his passing, per CBS News: “He was honored and respected as the conscience of the US Congress and an icon of American history, but we knew him as a loving father and brother. He was a stalwart champion in the ongoing struggle to demand respect for the dignity and worth of every human being. He dedicated his entire life to nonviolent activism and was an outspoken advocate in the struggle for equal justice in America.”
  • Barack Obama: In a statement posted on Medium, the former president called Lewis’ life “exceptional,” but one that Lewis thought any citizen could achieve. “Not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful, remarkable way,” Obama writes. “John Lewis did. And thanks to him, we now all have our marching orders—to keep believing in the possibility of remaking this country we love until it lives up to its full promise.” Read Obama’s full statement here.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton: “We have lost a giant,” the Clintons said in a statement. “John Lewis gave all he had to redeem America’s unmet promise of equality and justice for all, and to create a place for us to build a more perfect union together.”
  • Mitt Romney: “America has lost not only a man of history, but a man for our season,” the Utah senator tweeted. “O how we need such men of unwavering principle, unassailable character, penetrating purpose, and heartfelt compassion.”
  • Mitch McConnell: “Our nation will never forget this American hero,” the Senate majority leader said in a statement posted on social media, calling Lewis a “pioneering civil rights leader who put his life on the line.”
  • Bernice King: “Farewell, sir,” the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr. tweeted. “You did, indeed, fight the good fight and get into a lot of good trouble. You served God and humanity well. Thank you. Take your rest.”
  • Martin Luther King III: “John Lewis was an American treasure,” posted MLK Jr.’s son. “He gave a voice to the voiceless, and he reminded each of us that the most powerful nonviolent tool is the vote. Our hearts feel empty without our friend, but we find comfort knowing that he is free at last.”
  • Ava DuVernay: “Will never forget what you taught me and what you challenged me to be,” wrote the film director and producer. “Better. Stronger. Bolder. Braver. God bless you, Ancestor John Robert Lewis of Troy, Alabama. Run into His arms.” Deadline has tributes from many other politicians, celebrities, and business leaders, including Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Viola Davis, and Apple’s Tim Cook.

Best wishes and condolences go out to the Lewis family…..his statesmanship will be missed.

May he Rest In Peace.

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Are Kidding Me?

I have been a political watcher for many years and I thought I had seen everything stupid when Trump put in Spicer as Press Secretary……then he, Trump, install that Huckabee female……and then things got really weird when Trump gave the Press job to this one woman, Kayleigh McEnany, it pushed the dispensing of BS to a whole new level.

Her most recent piece to total moronic logic is the piece about the push to re-open schools.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany argued Thursday that “science is on the side” of President Trump’s push to fully reopen schools this fall. McEnany cited a study in JAMA Pediatrics that found “severe illness is less frequent” in child coronavirus patients. She said it showed that COVID-19 poses “far less” risk to children than seasonal flu, the Hill reports. “The science is on our side here, and we encourage for localities and states to just simply follow the science, open our schools.” McEnany said keeping schools closed is “very damaging,” because “there is a lack of reporting of abuse, there’s mental depressions that are not addressed, suicidal ideations that are not addressed when students are not in school.”

“Our schools are extremely important, they’re essential, and they must reopen,” she said. McEnany also said “the science should not stand in the way” of reopening, a remark which was reported out of context by numerous outlets and then retweeted by several Democratic lawmakers, leading the Washington Examiner to accuse the press of selectively editing McEnany’s remarks to “make her sound like a knuckle-dragging flat-earther.” CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta notes that while studies have consistently shown that the risk of children getting very sick from the coronavirus is relatively low, how much of a role they play in community transmission of the virus is still an “open question.”

She is a knuckle dragging flat-earther…..if she believes that “science should not stand in the way”.

There is NO one but a complete idiot that believes that the opening of schools will be safe.

In case anyone is interested…..3.6 million cases in the US and 139,000 deaths.

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That State Flag Thing (Again)

Mississippi recently decided to pass a bill that would bring down the state flag after so long of a struggle.

There has been a debate about the flag for several decades and each time the bigots have won the day and the rebel flag remained….that is until 2020 the legislature passed the bill and the governor signed it and the flag was lowered and hopeful never to rise again.

There was a poll taken and the answers were that 73% of the people think the Rebel flag is a sign of racism and 37% say it is a sign of Southern history (that is BS,,,that is just a way to try and retain the symbol while pretending that is is a symbol of something that it is NOT)

I say that because now that the flag has come down the people that pretend they are historians want to reverse the law signed and place the question on the ballot.

Nearly two weeks after Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to retire the state flag, the debate about the flag rages on. Protestors took to the streets on Saturday in Harrison County saying they are being denied the chance to make a choice.

Protest organizer Ryan Woodcock believes everyone should have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote as they did in 2001.

“If Mississippi wants to change the flag, that’s fine, but it needs to be the people that vote on it,” Woodcock said.

Robert Hall believes removing the flag is simply erasing history.

“They denied Mississippians that are all registered voters the right to vote. They denied us. They violated the U.S. Constitution Amendment 26,” Hall said.

Many protesters were concerned that if the government can take the flag away, what else will they do.

“At one time that flag through different avenues represented oppression and slavery,” Woodcock said.

Erasing history?

You mean the barbarous acts of slavery?


Is that the heritage of owning other people?

The legislature and the governor have spoken…..let the flag stay where it is now….in a museum.

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Beware Of Russian Windows

As the pandemic rages I wrote about an interesting development in Russia among Russian pandemic doctors.

It seems they are falling out windows….at least three so far….

Three Russian doctors working to treat coronavirus patients have mysteriously fallen out of windows in recent weeks, underscoring the country’s struggling health care system — and leading to suspicions of foul play.

On April 24, Natalya Lebedeva, the chief of emergency medical services at a training base for Russian astronauts, fell out of a window at the hospital where she was being treated for a Covid-19 infection and died.

Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, the top doctor at a hospital in Siberia, fell out of a window during a conference call at her hospital and died on May 1 after a week in intensive care.

The next day, ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov fell from a second-floor window at the hospital where he worked and had been receiving treatment for Covid-19. He remains in serious condition with a fractured skull.

Russian authorities are investigating all three incidents, and there is no official indication yet of what happened to the physicians. The circumstances around their falls, though, are more than a little suspicious.

Fascinating stories……makes me suspicious of the excuses for the deaths…..

Then I read about a whistle blower in Russia that walk out a window….another window story?

A Russian police major plunged to her death not long after testifying against her old boss in a criminal-extortion case, the Moscow Times reports. The body of Yekaterina Mishkina, 37, was caught on security cameras lying near an apartment building in the city of Khabarovsk ( has a screen capture), where she apparently fell from the fifth floor. Security cameras are said to show her trying to reach the roof, giving up, and going back down a few flights. Unconfirmed reports say Mishkina had testified against an ex-boss who allegedly extorted money from subordinates. Seems the extortion case was opened after the former boss had gone into retirement.

Regional police in Khabarovsk, roughly 5,000 miles east of Moscow, have begun investigating Mishkina’s fall—though a spokeswoman said the lead investigator is “on yet another vacation.” A Russian news outlet is quoting an anonymous source close to the probe who said officials uncovered a note in Mishkina’s purse with a to-do list she’d only partly completed: “This indicates that what happened wasn’t spontaneous,” the source said. Mishkina was a divorcee with a 14-year-old daughter. Her death comes after at least three Russian health-care workers recently fell from windows amid the coronavirus outbreak, as have two young journalists.

What is it about Russian windows?

Any thoughts?

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