A Closing Sunday Thought

It is a Sunday and what better time to ask the probing question of the ages?

For a thousand years (probably more) there have been those that have predicted the end of the world…..most of which has been just total BS…but wait…there is yet another Biblical scholar that has finally figured it all out…..

Professor Tom Meyer, an expert in Bible studies and Middle East languages at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, explained exactly when it is all going to go down to the Daily Express.

“According to the ancient Hebrew calendar, the year isn’t 2020 AD but rather 5780, meaning 5,780 years have passed since the God of the Bible created the heavens and the Earth,” revealed Meyer.

“The starting date comes from a genealogy within the book of Genesis. Genesis 5:1 through 6:8 is a written account of the descendants of Adam including their ages at the time of the birth of their firstborn son.

Bible Scholar Has FINALLY Figured Out When The End Of The World Will Actually Happen, Maybe


It is much better to predict far into the future that way you cannot be ridiculed when it does not happen and besides none of us will be around to see if he was right.

Was Jesus black, brown, white or what?

Like I said….a probing question for here in the so-called West….he is depicted as a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes…..but the region that he is supposedly born and raised in is not noted for its blond hair or blue eyes….or for that matter white skin.

So back to the question…was Jesus black, white or other?

Ever since controversial Black Lives Matter activist/commentator Shaun King called for all white European images of Jesus to be torn down because they promote white supremacy, a simple but provocative question has presented itself: Was Jesus white? 

The Bible doesn’t reveal Jesus’ skin color, but what we do know is that he came to earth as a Jew born in the Middle East. 

“Jews have always been considered white under the U.S. Census Bureau standards,” says Charlotte Allen, author of the book, “The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus.” “Suddenly there’s kind of a movement among radical leftists to say that all these people are not white.”


A debate should ensue….to me it does not matter nor is it a probing question that I would spend time contemplating….but to some I am sure there will be some consternation over the question and the answers.

If you would like to share your thoughts then please do so….all comments are welcome as long as they are respectful.

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A Societal Overhaul?

It is the weekend and I like to give my readers something to think about over the next few days.

Futurists are starting to worry about mankind….in general…..and it has little to do with the pandemic that we are fighting……

Experts say we’ll need to “reorganize societies” to respond to a “jaw-dropping” decrease in the number of Earthlings being born. To keep a steady population, a woman needs to have 2.1 children on average so as to account for infant mortality and childless women. Women were having an average of 4.7 children in 1950. But the global fertility rate fell to 2.4 in 2017, per the BBC, and researchers at the University of Washington expect it to drop to 1.7 by the end of the century. As a result, the global population is expected to peak at 9.7 billion around 2064, then drop to 8.8 billion by 2100. Nearly all countries—183 of 195—are predicted to have a fertility rate below the replacement level. Some 23, including Japan and Italy, will see their populations drop by more than 50%, while 34, including China, will see a drop of more than 25%, per CNBC.

In 2017, there were 681 million people under the age of 5, and 141 million over the age of 80. By 2100, experts predict 401 million people under 5, and 866 million over 80. With fewer young people to care for the elderly, “we’ll have to reorganize societies,” Christopher Murray, whose research is published in the Lancet, tells the BBC. He predicts “frank competition for migrants,” particularly from sub-Saharan Africa, which is expected to triple in population size to more than 3 billion people by 2100. But migration isn’t going to help once most countries experience population decline. “If you can’t [find a solution], then eventually the species disappears, but that’s a few centuries away,” Murray says. Others seem more hopeful, noting healthy life expectancy is increasing, allowing people to work longer, meaning more money paid into health care systems, per the BBC. And a lot can change in 80 years.

Just a little something to ponder…..and while you ponder that try this little ditty……

We guys have a Y Chromosone…..and research is showing that it is disappearing……

The Y chromosome may be a symbol of masculinity, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is anything but strong and enduring. Although it carries the “master switch” gene, SRY, that determines whether an embryo will develop as male (XY) or female (XX), it contains very few other genes and is the only chromosome not necessary for life. Women, after all, manage just fine without one.

What’s more, the Y chromosome has degenerated rapidly, leaving females with two perfectly normal X , but males with an X and a shriveled Y. If the same rate of degeneration continues, the Y chromosome has just 4.6m years left before it disappears completely. This may sound like a long time, but it isn’t when you consider that life has existed on Earth for 3.5 billion years.


In the distant future will mankind become a unisex being?  (Sounds like a good SciFi story in the making, huh?)

Any thoughts?

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The One Eyed Warrior

I am in the process of eye surgeries and going on one eye until it is finished ….so when I saw something about an one eyed warrior I thought I would make myself feel a bit better…..


It all takes place during the years of the monarchy of Bohemia….and the Hussite Wars.

The Hussite Wars, also called the Bohemian Wars, involved the military actions against and amongst the followers of Jan Hus in Bohemia in the period 1420 to c. 1434. The Hussite Wars were arguably the first European war in which hand-held gunpowder weapons such as muskets made a decisive contribution. The Hussite warriors were basically infantry, and their many defeats of larger armies with heavily armored knights helped effect the infantry revolution. In the end, it was an inconclusive war. Some Hussites embraced pacifism and were not involved in the wars, which they denounced. These Hussites taught that Christians should separate themselves from the state and refuse to fight even for secular rulers, since Christians must always practice love.


Christians that practice love?  There is an extinct beast!

For those that are too lazy to read……a short video……

The Hussite Wars is where we enter the character known as the One Eyed Warrior……

Jan Zizka was a talented and successful military tactician as well as a statesman without equal. He led the Hussites in the turbulent 14th century while remaining grounded with the moral principles that supplied his motivation and guidance.

Zizka never lost a battle during his entire leadership of the Hussite Revolution, a feat that is even more impressive when one takes into account the disparity in forces between the untrained Hussite peasant militias he led and the professional armies of armored German knights that he faced.

Zizka also was nearly blind for his entire career. To understand Zizka`s abilities as a leader, one must first look at the history of his exploits and then to the personal traits that made him great.


This made me feel a bit better about having only one eye….at least for awhile….and in two weeks I will have to go through it all again.

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