Buddy! Can You Spare Some Change?

Closing Thought–27Jul20

I am sure that you have been accosted by some guy/gal in front of the supermarket looking for some spare change….

The apparently this pandemic has created a problem for change….especially in the banks…..

Amid the pandemic-induced coin shortage, one Wisconsin bank has resorted to paying people who bring in their spare change. The Community State Bank’s Coin Buy Back Program will give a $5 bonus to anyone who brings in $100 worth of coins, up to a maximum bonus of $500. The bank is also waiving fees for coin counting. You don’t need to be a customer of the bank to take part, CNN reports. “Instead of buying coin from the Fed, we’re buying coin from our community,” an exec tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Hundreds of people have already participated, and the bank says the program is helping local businesses that need change for their stores.

Why a coin shortage? This story explains.

I know…I know…..who knew?

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Atta Boys!

This post is for those people that show up only occasionally when I write something derogatory about Herr Trump…..actually I have written several times about some of the policies that Trump is embracing that I would approve of….but that does not get the slower out there to show up.

I have agreed with Trump on some of his foreign policy issues….like bringing our troops home….and just the other day I saw another issue that I would give him an “atta boy”…..drug prices.

President Trump is reportedly set to sign an executive order Friday to reduce prescription-drug costs.

The president’s election-year effort was first reported by The Hill newspaper, which obtained an invitation sent to some GOP lawmakers for a 3 p.m. White House event on drug pricing. 

The exact details of the executive order remain unclear. But sources told the newspaper that it could include a version of an existing proposal to lower the price of some U.S. drugs by connecting them to lower prices paid in other countries.


Please I have NO illusion that this is just a way to gain a little support when poll numbers ware waning……but if it saves me money on my drugs then he has my thanks.

And yet another “atta boy” for Trump……

We all know that Trump is a voracious Twitter user, right?

And I have often asked myself he actually knows what he is Tweeting…..well I have an answer to my rhetorical question.

President Trump acknowledged in an interview released Friday that he “often” regrets his tweets and retweets.

“It used to be in the old days before this, you’d write a letter and you’d say, ‘this letter is really bad,’ you put it on your desk and you go back tomorrow and you say, ‘oh, I’m glad I didn’t send it,’” Trump told Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy.

“But we don’t do that with Twitter. We put it out instantaneously, we feel great, and then you start getting phone calls, ‘Did you really say this?’ I say, ‘What’s wrong with that?’ And you find a lot of things,” continued the president, who is often the subject of criticism over his use of his Twitter account. “You know what I find? It’s not the tweets, it’s the retweets that get you in trouble.”

Trump went on to say he doesn’t always look closely at the tweets that he shares from his Twitter account, which has 84 million followers.

He had similarly said that some of his tweets create problems for the White House in an interview last year.


My question is if you realize that some of your Tweets are not good at all….why continue to do it?

Is it an addiction that he cannot break?

Just Wondering!

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Biden’s Foreign Policy

Another week of depending on drafts for I have 2 eye appointments and one surgery this week….

Full disclosure….as an international relations geek I use foreign policy as a ruler to measure the people running for president.

I have covered and written about what I think of Trump’s foreign policy….not very flattering in my opinion.

Now on to the Dems top candidate these days….I have written what I think about Uncle Joe’s policies…..read my thoughts here…..https://lobotero.com/2020/04/23/bidens-foreign-policy/

For his run against Trump in November Biden has put together his foreign policy team…..and that team of “experts” have gotten filthy rich with their pro war dealings……

They had been public servants their whole careers. But when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, two departing Obama officials were anxious for work. Trump’s win had caught them by surprise.

Sergio Aguirre and Nitin Chadda had reached the most elite quarters of U.S. foreign policy. Aguirre had started out of school as a fellow in the White House and a decade later had become chief of staff to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. Chadda, who joined the Pentagon out of college as a speechwriter, had become a key adviser to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in even less time. Now, Chadda had a long-shot idea.

They turned to an industry of power-brokering little known outside the capital: strategic consultancies. Retiring leaders often open firms bearing their names: Madeleine Albright has one, as do Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen. Their strategic consultancies tend to blur corporate and governmental roles. This obscure corner of Washington is critical to understanding how a President Joe Biden would conduct foreign policy. He has been picking top advisers from this shadowy world.


This illustrates what a Biden presidency will look like if he gets elected…..it will be the same as Clinton, Bush, Obama….pro war and pro M-IC……money will dictate the policies.

Not something that would lead me to support this man for the presidency……any promises about ending this war or that is idle talk and a promise he will not keep.

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