That State Flag Thing (Again)

Mississippi recently decided to pass a bill that would bring down the state flag after so long of a struggle.

There has been a debate about the flag for several decades and each time the bigots have won the day and the rebel flag remained….that is until 2020 the legislature passed the bill and the governor signed it and the flag was lowered and hopeful never to rise again.

There was a poll taken and the answers were that 73% of the people think the Rebel flag is a sign of racism and 37% say it is a sign of Southern history (that is BS,,,that is just a way to try and retain the symbol while pretending that is is a symbol of something that it is NOT)

I say that because now that the flag has come down the people that pretend they are historians want to reverse the law signed and place the question on the ballot.

Nearly two weeks after Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to retire the state flag, the debate about the flag rages on. Protestors took to the streets on Saturday in Harrison County saying they are being denied the chance to make a choice.

Protest organizer Ryan Woodcock believes everyone should have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote as they did in 2001.

“If Mississippi wants to change the flag, that’s fine, but it needs to be the people that vote on it,” Woodcock said.

Robert Hall believes removing the flag is simply erasing history.

“They denied Mississippians that are all registered voters the right to vote. They denied us. They violated the U.S. Constitution Amendment 26,” Hall said.

Many protesters were concerned that if the government can take the flag away, what else will they do.

“At one time that flag through different avenues represented oppression and slavery,” Woodcock said.

Erasing history?

You mean the barbarous acts of slavery?


Is that the heritage of owning other people?

The legislature and the governor have spoken…..let the flag stay where it is now….in a museum.

“I Read, I Write, You Know”

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “That State Flag Thing (Again)

  1. South Carolinian here. I went through the dropping of the Battle Flag form the Capitol building five years ago. The bitching and moaning continues….Thanks for sharing.

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