So Long John Lewis

Yesterday we lost yet another giant of the civil rights movement……Rep. John Lewis has died of cancer at 80……

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered flags at the US Capitol to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rep. John Lewis, who died Friday at the age of 80 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Tributes and statements are now pouring in for the civil rights legend and longtime congressman, including from former President Obama; the family of Martin Luther King Jr., who was close friends with Lewis; and many others. Read on for some standouts:

  • The Lewis family: They confirmed his death in a statement, saying they were caught in “inconsolable grief and enduring sadness” over his passing, per CBS News: “He was honored and respected as the conscience of the US Congress and an icon of American history, but we knew him as a loving father and brother. He was a stalwart champion in the ongoing struggle to demand respect for the dignity and worth of every human being. He dedicated his entire life to nonviolent activism and was an outspoken advocate in the struggle for equal justice in America.”
  • Barack Obama: In a statement posted on Medium, the former president called Lewis’ life “exceptional,” but one that Lewis thought any citizen could achieve. “Not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful, remarkable way,” Obama writes. “John Lewis did. And thanks to him, we now all have our marching orders—to keep believing in the possibility of remaking this country we love until it lives up to its full promise.” Read Obama’s full statement here.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton: “We have lost a giant,” the Clintons said in a statement. “John Lewis gave all he had to redeem America’s unmet promise of equality and justice for all, and to create a place for us to build a more perfect union together.”
  • Mitt Romney: “America has lost not only a man of history, but a man for our season,” the Utah senator tweeted. “O how we need such men of unwavering principle, unassailable character, penetrating purpose, and heartfelt compassion.”
  • Mitch McConnell: “Our nation will never forget this American hero,” the Senate majority leader said in a statement posted on social media, calling Lewis a “pioneering civil rights leader who put his life on the line.”
  • Bernice King: “Farewell, sir,” the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr. tweeted. “You did, indeed, fight the good fight and get into a lot of good trouble. You served God and humanity well. Thank you. Take your rest.”
  • Martin Luther King III: “John Lewis was an American treasure,” posted MLK Jr.’s son. “He gave a voice to the voiceless, and he reminded each of us that the most powerful nonviolent tool is the vote. Our hearts feel empty without our friend, but we find comfort knowing that he is free at last.”
  • Ava DuVernay: “Will never forget what you taught me and what you challenged me to be,” wrote the film director and producer. “Better. Stronger. Bolder. Braver. God bless you, Ancestor John Robert Lewis of Troy, Alabama. Run into His arms.” Deadline has tributes from many other politicians, celebrities, and business leaders, including Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Viola Davis, and Apple’s Tim Cook.

Best wishes and condolences go out to the Lewis family…..his statesmanship will be missed.

May he Rest In Peace.

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29 thoughts on “So Long John Lewis

    1. March 1965, Selma, known as Bloody Sunday, Rep. Lewis was hit on the head, so hard the fractured his skull.

      That seems to me a good reason not to be drafted.
      Another reason could be that he was undispensable for the civil rights movement

      1. I believe in it, but some abuse it and then try to turn it around.
        I have lived by the idea of treat people as they treat you. With that in mind all my life, I have met good and bad in all races, religions, etc, etc.
        If we all treat people like that, racism will fade away. (It is impossible to force it away, no matter how many monuments you tear down)

      1. I don’t understand why you mention Trump in this context? He had the money, the influence to not be drafted for ‘medical reasons’

      2. Medical reasons…..Lewis was badly beaten and Trump had bone spurs…..just being sarcastic….sorry for the confusion. chuq

      3. That is sometimes a question when knowing a foreign language.
        Sometimes the intention, sarcastical, ironcical, or just matter of fact, is difficult to determine.

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