Biden’s Large Lead With Blacks

Every poll you see about the choices of candidates for 2020 and the media lets the world know that Biden by far leads among blacks in the coming election.

But is that just bluster or is it truthful?

Just like Trump’s lead on older white voters it appears that Biden is popular with older black voters……young Blacks are not all that thrilled about Biden’s presidency.

Perry Green doesn’t believe that Joe Biden is listening to what young, Black Americans want right now.

Across the country, young people are protesting systemic racism and calling on political leaders to reallocate funding from local police to other community resources. Green, who is Black, criticized Biden for not supporting the “Defund the Police” movement that many activists support.

“You got Black youth across the country, calling for defunding the police and thinking differently about law enforcement, and … a couple days later, in the midst of all the protests … (Biden’s) campaign says ‘Let’s spend more money on community policing,'” Green told USA TODAY.

I have been writing about why I am not a supporter of the candidate Biden….I do not think he is what is needed to bring this country out of the Trumpian funk.

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