How Did Society Come To This?

This does not seem as important to the media as it was a month ago…..but it is still happening all around you…..I will not turn my attention from this social issue.

Like any social movement there are many facets within the Black Lives Matter……not all participants are looking for the same end.

It reminds me of the true Left movements of the 1970s and 1980s…..all want the same end just want a different path to achieve those ends.

BLM is no different……

It’s not surprising that prominent Black political figures aren’t aligned on every issue — and there’s nothing new about that at all. But these particular divides are illustrative of major shifts happening within Black politics, by which I largely mean the world of activists, elected officials and other power brokers in the United States who are Black.1 We are in an era where one man (Barack Obama) is no longer the center of Black politics. So among the major power centers are the activist movement linked to Black Lives Matter that is as skeptical of Black elected officials as non-Black ones; a rising left wing of the Democratic Party that includes many Black voices; and a Black establishment that is arguably more powerful than ever before on Capitol Hill.

There are now, in my view, at least seven fairly distinct camps among Black political figures — concentrated in the Democratic Party but also stretching into the GOP. These groupings — which come from my own reporting and talking to experts, rather than any specific data set — are mostly informal. But the idea is to explain some common patterns and themes we are seeing, not necessarily to perfectly describe the politics of any particular person or faction in the party. I should also emphasize that these camps do not correspond exactly to rank-and-file Black voters, although I will talk about some places where there is overlap between activists and voters.

I have tried to order the camps by size, from largest to smallest. They are:

Charles Booker, Jamaal Bowman And The 7 Competing Camps In Black Politics

If you listen to the idiots on the Right then you believe that all BLM participants are in agreement with what they want…..that my friends would be a LIE!

Have you noticed those public people that are calling for calm are the same people that get lots of cash from the people that help spread the racism?

I agree that there needs to be a “common” goal…..and that goal has nothing to do with preserving the riches of those companies that spread racism.

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14 thoughts on “How Did Society Come To This?

  1. Every large protest group in history has always ended up splitting into factions that reduce their combined effect.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Chuq, are you able to comment on Doug’s site? Google Chrome will not allow me to proceed to comment as his security certficate has expired. Can you let him know for me?
        Thanks, Pete.

      2. Pete…Firefox will not let me comment…..I emailed Doug….I will let you know what is what when I find out. chuq

  2. Black people have been bitching about everything as long as I can remember. Why should they be any different than anybody else?

      1. They never made me feel very good when I lost a job where I was qualified to some other “Person” who probably knew little or nothing about the job except that carrying a briefcase makes one look important. Been there, done that!

      2. Never have lost a job that I was qualified for to anyone…..this is just another one of those things that make good copy. chuq

      3. it makes good copy until it happens to you …then it isn’t funny anymore. It becomes reverse discrimination quite quickly.

      4. Why bother with it now…that program is all but dead so you are beating a dead mule. SCOTUS limited it. chuq

      5. “Scotus” sounds so much like scrotum it isn’t funny anymore and if something happens to Ginsburgh, it will be less funny yet.

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