Closing Thought–09Jul20

There is a lot of talk these days about taken down or replacing those monuments that are dedicated to the traitors of the Confederacy.

Ohio’s mouth Rep. Jim Jordan has stepped up to protect these monuments….

Rep. Jim Jordan in a Monday letter to United States Park Police (USPP) Acting Chief Gregory Monahan requested information about the USPP’s efforts to defend federal property and landmarks both in the nation’s capital and across the country.

The Ohio Republican also asked for information pertaining to the USPP’s June 1 activity to move protesters located near the White House.

“The Trump Administration must protect federal property, especially the landmarks and memorials that celebrate our nation’s history, from violent left-wing agitators,” he noted.

I find it interesting that a person that would not protect students under his care at Ohio State from sexual abuse (no conviction but under investigation) but is truly concerned over some statues that celebrate those people that killed soldiers from Ohio.

This is a perfect example of the ideology of the GOP and its elected toadies.

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