Seriously? Are You Guys Kidding?

Pandemic is hitting new highs daily…..protests and deaths are everywhere…..millions unemployed……and yet the Congress has decided to go on a break since they work so hard (that is extreme sarcasm….these fools are part time help at best)….

A coalition of dozens of progressive advocacy groups and labor unions is planning a nationwide day of action in battleground states Wednesday targeting Republican senators for going on a two-week vacation as Covid-19 infections surge and millions of people teeter on the brink of financial ruin.

In Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Iowa, and other states, activists will hold socially distant rallies and deliver “failing” report cards to Republican senators reminding them that “they are responsible for the massive amount of suffering that people are experiencing across the country,” the coalition said in a press release Monday.

The Service Employees International Union, the American Postal Workers Union, Greenpeace USA, and other groups are calling on the Republican-controlled Senate to take up and pass the HEROES Act, a sweeping stimulus package the House of Representatives approved on May 15.

While Moscow Mitch is home chasing donors and doing whatever it takes to get donations……hunger is rising and that is not important enough for the Congress to keep working to find solutions….

The nonprofit group Hunger Free America announced Monday that it is running “Hunger Clock” billboard ads across the country to call out GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other Republican senators for blocking $16 billion in food assistance for Americans struggling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is simply unconscionable that Leader McConnell and the Senate GOP are playing politics with food aid while massive numbers of their own constituents struggle against hunger,” Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg said in a statement. “Food delayed is food denied.”

Since these guys do not seem to want to work for their pay then I suggest that we get rid of the Senate and go unicameral, a People’s Assembly…..

I admit it…..I have written about this before….some 13 years ago…..

The Congress has not worked since the 1990s and the mad dash for donations instead legislative work….they spend more time traveling than the spend doing the country’s business…therefore they should be paid as part-time help on a sliding scale by work accomplished.

If it does not work the way it was intended then rid the thing from the government and find something that does work.

Do not get me started on the co-equal branches of the government….that ship set sail awhile back.

Pretty simple, huh?

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2 thoughts on “Seriously? Are You Guys Kidding?

  1. We also have a top-heavy government. I think both countries could with one group of representatives, trim down ‘the fat’ and let the rest try to go out and work for a living.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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