What Is The Cost of Covid-19?

Another doctor’s appointment today…..so I do not know when I will be back……so I thought I would leave out with a post on the pandemic and its treatment.

A quick update…..cases–2.6million  deaths–126,000

More FYI for the masses……..

We have heard so much about this virus….we know how many people have contracted the virus and how many have ultimately died from the sickness…..but what have we heard if you actually catch the virus what will it cost the person/insurance to fight off the pandemic?

First what will it cost the person for the Covid-19 test?

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced that Medicare will reimburse providers up to $100 per test, depending on the test. Newer COVID-19 tests that give results more quickly may cost providers more than the early tests. A number of private providers, including some that take no insurance, are charging substantially more than $100 for COVID-19 tests.

Five Things to Know about the Cost of COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

You have had your test and dammit it came back positive….now how much will treatment cost?

Gilead Sciences is out with its much-anticipated price for a drug to treat COVID-19 patients: For a five-day treatment course of remdesivir, figure $3,120 for the typical US patient with commercial insurance, reports the Wall Street Journal. That would be the amount the drugmaker would charge the hospital, not the patient’s out-of-pocket expense. The price is lower, $2,340, for those covered by government health care programs such as Medicare. Remdesivir made big headlines in April when a study showed that it could reduce hospital stays for coronavirus patients from 15 days to 11 days. All governments in the developed world, including the US, will be charged $390 per dose, while those in the developing world will receive discounts, per STAT News. The price for US insurers comes out to $520 per dose.

Patients would get two doses on their first day, then one dose on subsequent days. The most common treatment course is five days, though some patients (maybe 5% to 10%) would require a 10-day course. For the longer course, the cost would be $4,290 at the government price and $5,720 for US insurers. Gilead’s price has been highly anticipated because it could set a precedent for other drugs to follow, and STAT notes that the figures generally fall within expectations. On the plus side, it should save hospitals money by allowing them to release patients earlier; on the other hand, it’s not a cure, just a way to shorten hospital stays, and future drugs—perhaps this steroid—could prove more effective and make remdesivir less sought-after.

Better have insurance or the Poor House will await your entry.

Why would it be so expensive?

Remdesivir, the antiviral drug that appears to reduce the recovery time for hospitalized Covid-19 patients, has a price tag: $3,120 for the typical five-day regiment for a patient on private insurance. Gilead, the drug’s manufacturer, announced the news on Monday.

The drug has been one of the most promising treatments, reducing the hospital stay for Covid patients by several days in early trials. Remdesivir has been around for a while, but, as you might recall, drug discovery experts have always thought this was the most promising avenue for an effective treatment to come on the market quickly: repurposing an existing drug to fight Covid-19. The Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of remdesivir in May.

But here in America, where even people who have health insurance coverage can often face high medical bills, the news of the drug’s promise was quickly followed by the question: Yeah, but what’s it going to cost?

Now we have an answer — or the start of one, at least. Let’s get into it.


And people say that Medicare For All is not the answer to adequate health care……they are WRONG!

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Cost of Covid-19?

  1. I saw worldwide totals of 500,000 dead from Covid-19. The WHO says it is still going to get a lot worse, especially with so many countries cancelling the lockdown. To think about having to pay for treatment too would be one stress too many for me. One reason to be glad I don’t live in America.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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