New Pandemic Records

Today has the totals of Cases at 2.4 million and deaths at 122,000 I am still waiting for this to disappear as my president predicted it would….and if we had not done testing then his prediction would have come true.

Just yesterday we as a nation hit some new highs (from a virus that is not that bad)(sarcasm)…..

The US added 36,358 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday, a single-day high that broke the previous record of 36,285 set on April 26, during what NBC News refers to as the coronavirus pandemic’s first peak. Similarly, Sunday set a new global record with 183,020 new cases, the highest ever reported in a single day, Time reports. On a podcast interview this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that over the course of his career in epidemiology he’s never seen anything like the coronavirus, the Hill reports. “I’ve never seen anything closely resemble the virus in the spectrum of what it can do,” he said. On Tuesday, while testifying before lawmakers, he made a similar comment, per MarketWatch. “I’ve been dealing with viral outbreaks for the last 40 years. I’ve never seen a single virus—that is, one pathogen—have a range where 20% to 40% of the people have no symptoms.”

In the US, California also set a single-day record Wednesday, with 7,149 new cases. As the Northeast has seen cases decline, southern and western states are seeing increases that officials say are tied to Memorial Day weekend, when many states began loosening restrictions. California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesay tied the surge in new infections to the state’s reopening of the economy, which has been gradually ongoing for about a month, as well as continuing social justice protests. Adopting what NBC 4 calls “an almost fatherly tone,” he said, among other things, “Washing your hands isn’t just putting your damn hands, forgive my language, under the faucet for two seconds and calling it a day. We’ve all seen that. Many have done that. But in this pandemic, come on. We can do a little more and a little bit better.”

News from the front lines in the Covid-19 fight……

9 out of 10 people polled thinks Pharma will raise prices during this pandemic….

Nearly 9 in 10 U.S. adults are “very” (55%) or “somewhat” (33%) concerned that the pharmaceutical industry will leverage the COVID-19 pandemic to raise drug prices. Similarly, 84% are very or somewhat concerned that the general cost of care will rise, and 79% are very or somewhat concerned their health insurance premiums will go up in response to the pandemic. In each of the latter two scenarios, 41% of Americans are very concerned.

The new findings, released today by the nonprofit West Health and Gallup as part of ongoing research on the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S., come from a nationally representative survey of 1,016 U.S. adults. Amid a mounting death toll, the results underline the knife-edge fears associated with paying for care in the U.S.

Dems saw the polls and decided to act……to try and stop any price gouging…..

On the heels of polling that showed 88% of Americans worry Big Pharma will exploit the ongoing pandemic to hike drug prices, House Democrats on Monday introduced two bipartisan bills to prevent price-gouging for Covid-19 treatments and vaccines and to strengthen oversight of federal spending on coronavirus research and development.

Nice try but how many see this going anywhere?  Most Dems are owned by lobbyists and that includes Big Pharma……do you really think this was anything but a piece of theater?

Be Well…..Be Safe……

I Read, I Write, You Know

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4 thoughts on “New Pandemic Records

  1. Those huge daily numbers of people infected are all the proof you need that many parts of the US have opened up far too early.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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