Attack On Guardsmen

Let me say here that there are some things happening in these protests that I do not agree with in any shape….contrary to popular belief.

While deployed for duty in DC……The National Guard from South Carolina was sent a pizza that had broken glass baked into the crust…..

While deployed in Washington, D.C., responding to protests, two soldiers with the South Carolina National Guard discovered glass in their pizza, a new report says.

The soldiers were staying at the Marriott Marquis Hotel and used Uber Eats to deliver the pizza from an unnamed local establishment, the Post and Courier reports, citing a Defense Department report on the incident. But upon its arrival, the soldiers found the pizza had pieces of glass baked into the dough and cheese.

The soldiers weren’t harmed, and the S.C. National Guard believes it was an isolated incident.

“The service members are okay. It was a single incident. Their command said the Soldiers were advised to file a report with local police department. From my understanding they chose not to. There is no additional information to report,” Capt. Jessica Donnelly, a spokeswoman for the S.C. National Guard, said in an email to Military Times.

(Military Times)

Let me say here that this is unacceptable…..this is an act of terrorism in my book.  This is the act of a coward.

Now my analyst mind kicks in and I ask why was it not reported to the police?

After all it was an attempt on the lives of serving members of the South Carolina National Guard….this was a crime and needed reporting to the police to make the offenders pay for their murderous attempt.

Again…why was this not reported?

Why was the South Carolina National Guard singled out?

Why is the Uber Eats driver not interviewed?

Surely someone out there has an opinion on this incident…after all they have lots to say about stuff that they have no idea what they are talking about….why not this one?

I have a feeling that those most offended by this report will have little say now that it is in the rear view mirror.

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14 thoughts on “Attack On Guardsmen

    1. That is why I asked the questions….nothing about that story makes good sense…..why not stop the person from ding it again? chuq

  1. I can’t help but wonder, could the glass incident have bern some sort of accident? Seems something like that—-had it been intended to do great harm—-would have been widespread, you know, the infusion of glass chips in lots of pizzas.

  2. It’s either an accident, or a fabrication. Otherwise, the pizza chef should have at least been investigated, if not arrested.
    Best wishes, Pete,.

  3. I’ve got a very frowny, puzzled look on my face because the same questions are going through my head. Um… wha?

    Broken glass in pizza? Really? Doesn’t make sense.

    Besides, if anybody wanted to use pizza delivery as a weapon to make someone’s day miserable, you puree some screaming hot peppers and mix it with the tomato sauce so nobody notices. Or, if someone ordered one of those brownies with it, get some ex lax chocolate bars in the batter.

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