The Protest Blame Game (Again)

There one thing that we can be sure of these days……the Trump White House will blame whoever they can to avoid accountability…..Dems…Media…Obama… al…..and these protests are no different….

The White House has now blamed Venezuela…..yep you read that right….Venezuela is at the heart of these daily protests…..

The best part of a major, nationwide protest movement is having someone to blame. This weekend, the new narrative embraced by the White House would pin large US protests against police brutality on Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

The White House is refusing to offer any proof on this, saying it was “non-open source.” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) cited certain news reports from Latin America. The whole thing, incredibly, all falls back on Max Blumenthal’s T-shirt.

Blumenthal, from, was shown in a DC protest as wearing a T-shirt with “Hugo Chavez eyes” on it. This was taken as a sign of  Venezuelan links to the protests, and doubled down on with Blumenthal having interviewed Maduro, and been photographed shaking his hand.

This all starts a not particularly complicated story of Max Blumenthal having gone to a protest and having worn a Venezuela-themed t-shirt. Turning this into the protests being a Venezuela thing is another matter, however, as there is no sign Blumenthal himself was in any way driving the protests.

This would be a tough case to make, however, since Blumenthal’s presence wasn’t even a point of focus for media outlets until some saw this as a chance to make this vaguely about Venezuela.


Does this stupidity surprise anyone?

I cannot wait to see who is next to be blamed for stuff….

I was thinking of turning this into a gambling game on-line……since so many are addicted to on-line gambling it could be popular.

Let’s say they are behind these protests….it would be tit for tat since the US has been fueling protests in Venezuela for years….then why would Venezuela do this? Trump already embarrasses himself daily so all they need do is sit back and let Donald assassinate his own political standing.

Just a thought.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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