So You Want To Protest?

A small how-to post… case you are feeling froggy…..

As an old fart that has several protests under his belt from many years ago in response to war……I think I need to help these so-called protesters out with some valuable advice about protesting……the one thing that I see missing for the most part are Protest marshals and needed medics (I am sure they are there just not very visible to the cameras)……

But here are some of the things you need to put into place before to step out to confront especially the police.

There are many ways to protests and nit all involve confrontation….

  • Rally – Protest event where people gather in large numbers to make a statement.
  • March – Protest event where a gathering of people walk together en masse.
  • Burma Shave – Holding signs by the side of a busy road with a message that people will read as they drive by.
  • Street Theater – Acting out a scene or dramatic interpretation in public.
  • Flash Mob – Showing up with many others in a public place at a designated time and doing a choreographed dance or song or action together, then quickly dispersing.
  • Banner Drop – Hanging and dropping a banner with your message from a prominent or symbolic place.
  • Blockade – Denying access to a building/place/street by putting many bodies in front of it and locking arms.
  • Guerrilla Action – Any kind of unconventional method (including flash mobs and street theater) used to disrupt the status quo or promote an activist message.

Now that the reason and type has been agreed upon we need to assign roles….

  1. Decision Maker & Communications – People who decide what should happen in a march
  2. Marshalls – People who will keep the marchers safe from police and other aggressive elements  (plus all security people need cameras to record those around them)(set up “spiders”…special independent detachments that will do what is necessary to defend protesters.)
  3. MCs and Speakers
  4. Media spokespeople (read this and make sure you send a press release in advance)
  5. Accessibility
  6. Police Liaison and Street Medics
  7. People flyering on the streets and gathering contacts
  8. Filming and photographing for yourself

People you will need to be as sophisticated as those that will oppose you.

This is a printable handbook for protesting…..

Another guide that could be helpful……

Then dealing with tear gas…..


There are other ways to protest for change….if street action is not your style then maybe you can find your voice in these types of change action…..

Keep in mind that your opponent has the “law” on its side….if you must confront heavily armed cops use your head….do not let emotions get in the way of working for change and justice.

Click to access Antifa,%20The%20Anti-Fascist%20Handbook.pdf

Be Informed….Be Safe…..Be Cautious……Above All….Be Heard!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

5 thoughts on “So You Want To Protest?

  1. Good advice, chuq. I have heard that milk is good to pour over areas affected by tear gas too, and it is normally readily available.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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