Closing Thought–13May20

Can we point to a certain day when this pandemic had its start?

Some say no…..others say yes….and still others have a particular day in mind…..29Feb20

The first COVID-19 death in the US was reported on Feb. 29. There was a coronavirus briefing at the White House that day, and Rolling Stone has identified it as a critical moment when the US response could have gone in a different, lifesaving direction—the instant when the tennis ball was frozen atop the net and might fall onto either side. “How should Americans prepare for this virus?” a reporter asked President Trump. “Should they go on with their daily lives? Change their routine? What should they do?” The president turned the microphone over to Dr. Robert Redfield, and the CDC director gave a reassuring answer that he already knew wasn’t the whole story. “The risk at this time is low,” Redfield said. “The American public needs to go on with their normal lives.”

President Trump said similar things that day. “If you are healthy, you will probably go through a process and you’ll be fine,” he told the briefing. It was a bad time for reassuring messages. Imperial College researchers in London estimate that shutting the nation down by March 2 could have prevented 90 percent of US deaths. The Coronavirus Task Force had planned to recommend school and business closings on Feb. 24, per Rolling Stone, but dropped the idea after Trump became angry about the effects on the economy. Redfield instead stuck to the “aggressive containment” policy, and a critical moment passed. Travelers to the US infected others once they were here. “If you’ve got a community spreading respiratory virus, it’s not going to be containable,” one expert said. “You have to shift to mitigation right away.”

No matter which day it was or which month it was…..the fact is that the whole pandemic has been mishandled 82,000 Americans are dead…..of which not all had to perish.

And yet a certain percentage of the nation still trust Donald the Orange to do the right thing……personally I think they are delusional fools.

And because they trust the President….the incidents of “accidental” poisonings has risen…

Data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) first reported by Time on Tuesday found that the number of calls to poison control hotlines regarding accidental poisoning from household cleaners and disinfectants surged over the past two months, nearly doubling the number of cases reported in March 2019 and more than doubling April 2019’s total case numbers.

Some 3,401 Americans reported cases of accidental poisonings from household disinfectants in March, and 3,609 did so in April. Usually, the number sits between 1,600-1,700. The first week of May looks to be little better, with 966 cases reported between May 1 and May 10, compared to just 573 cases reported in the same time frame last year.


I believe the use of the term “accidental” by The Hill is a prime example of literary license…..they know why it went up and it was NO ACCIDENT!

One final thought….

Since the insanity of opening up the economy that pushes people to go out public……the incidents have risen……(go figure)……

“You know, the numbers are coming down very rapidly all throughout the country, by the way,” Trump declared at a Monday news conference. “There may be one exception, but all throughout the country, the numbers are coming down rapidly.”

This is, of course, not true. Though cases are decreasing in 14 states, they are rising in nine states, according to The New York Times. A lack of widespread testing in 27 other states, plus Washington and Puerto Rico, suggests that cases in those areas are being undercounted.

But a leaked coronavirus task force report obtained by NBC News shows that some parts of the country — rural counties in Tennessee and Kansas — have seen cases balloon by more than 1,000% in a matter of one week. Other counties in Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin saw increases of more than 400%.

Yeah there was a good idea…..

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Betrayal Of Port Huron

About here most youngsters are asking just what am I talking about and what the Hell is Port Huron.

First of all this is a post on the coming election and Joe Biden.

As an aging radical from the 60s and 70s I believed in the direction a group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) laid out in their Port Huron Statement….( and now the perfect time for a little history)….

Learn a bit about the SDS and in turn about the old professor…..

Now the statement they issued that outlined an agenda…..

The Students for a Democratic Society was a leftist student movement that came out of the early 60s in the midst of the New Left, and had chapters and wide participation throughout America in the 60s, most notably the anti-war and free speech movement. The New Left mainly referred to the student movement that came about in the 1960s that focused on social injustices throughout the United States. They were heavily concerned with the “establishment” of the country and wanted to change the government with (in the very least) a social revolution, though many groups were even more radical. The SDS could be considered the flagship organization of the New Left. They branched off of the Student League for Industrial Democracy or SLID because they believed the organization’s ideologies were too restricting. Hence the SDS was very vague in their principles, so to appeal to a wide group of students with varying ideologies. This can be seen in their most important document, which describes them as an organization and can lead to a better understanding of them as a group, “The Port Huron Statement.”

“The Port Huron Statement” was the manifesto of the Students for the Democratic Society. Tom Hayden, a leader of the original SDS, as well as a student at University of Michigan was the working force behind the document. Tom Hayden along with other founding members came together in Port Huron, Michigan, in the June of 1962 to lay out the ideologies and goals of their new organization, which heavily reflected that of the New Left. The first part of the document brings understanding to their viewpoint of society and American political and military actions, while the second half focuses on how America should “establish greater democracy in America” (46), and tactics their organization could use to help the United States achieve this. To give a clear understanding of the SDS ideology and goals “The Port Huron Statement” is an important document to study as it outlined their beliefs and goals.

This is the original draft of the Port Huron Statement…..”A New Agenda For a Generation……

Please read the statement…..the values then are the values of today…..nothing has changed and that can be blamed on the desertions to mainstream for profit parties….

Yes I was a member and follower of the SDS…..I did not agree with some members turn to violence and I definitely did not agree when the leaders like Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin made the turn Right and embraced the Democratic Party.

The SDS had a great agenda but lost the chance to implement by the desertions of the leadership to the “enemy”…..

That catches my reader up….and then the SDS old new left (the ones that made that turn) have issued a statement in support of Biden for 2020……

“An Open Letter to the New New Left From the Old New Left,” signed by more than sixty former leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The aim of the letter is to pressure supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders into voting for Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate.

Their letter in the Nation opens by applauding Senator Sanders’ long-anticipated decision to drop out of the presidential race and support Biden. However, the authors write that they are “gravely concerned that some of his supporters, including the leadership of Democratic Socialists of America, refuse to support Biden, whom they see as a representative of Wall Street capital.”

The letter is formally directed to the leadership of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which has officially stated that it will not be endorsing Biden. This is a political maneuver on the DSA’s part, as there are not in fact any principled political differences between it and the writers of the letter, of which we will say more below.

These old leaders may have lost their way….but old radicals like me are still the same person with the same beliefs we held 50 years ago.

And because I have the same values that I held 50 years ago I have NO use for a candidate like Joe Biden….and if you have read the statement then you know why……

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Dr. Fauci Speaks

NEWS FLASH!  Donald the Orange is not a medical expert he just plays one for TV… of our foremost experts has just testified before Congress yesterday……and in doing so has contradicted just about everything the lying slug of a president has been spreading for weeks…..if it smells like manure it probably is……and Trump is a large bloated pile of manure.

Dr. Fauci had lots to say when questioned by Congress…..

Anthony Fauci was testifying remotely Tuesday before a Senate panel on the coronavirus pandemic, and he reiterated his concern that states run a huge risk if they reopen too quickly. Some highlights of his testimony, via Politico, the AP, CNN, and the Washington Post:

  • Consequences: “If some areas, cities, states or what-have-you jump over those various checkpoints and prematurely open up without having the capability of being able to respond effectively and efficiently, my concern is that we will start to see little spikes that might turn into outbreaks,” said Fauci. “The consequences could be really serious. … There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control.”
  • Consequences, II: “There is no doubt even under the best of circumstances when you pull back on mitigation, you will see some cases appear.”
  • Children: “We don’t know everything about this virus, and we really better be very careful, particularly when it comes to children, because the more and more we learn, we’re seeing things about what this virus can do that we didn’t see from the studies in China or in Europe,” Fauci said. “I think we should be careful, if we’re not cavalier in thinking that children are completely immune to the deleterious effects.”
  • School: “The idea of having treatments available or a vaccine to facilitate the reentry of students into the fall term would be something that would be a bit of a bridge too far.”
  • Not going away: Asked about the notion of the virus going away on its own without a vaccine, which President Trump put forth again on Friday, Fauci said: “That is just not going to happen.” Elaborating, he added: “It’s a highly transmissible virus. It is likely there will be virus somewhere on this planet that will likely get back to us.”

Please heed the words of a medical professional and not the moronic ramblings of some ego-centric prick……this pandemic is NOT over or beaten….

Be Well….Be Safe…..

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Covid-19 “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files

I have heard a lot of stupid coming from the mouths of what use to be caring rational people…..(well that may be a stretch)…..

These days dumbass statements are nothing new……even Donald the Orange keeps popping his lips and lying his ass off…..but he is not alone these days.

We always have those religious slugs that try to blame everything on something that they try to champion….like anti-abortionist, Alveda King….her reason that Covid-19 hit New York hard was …you guessed it….abortion……

Anti-abortion activist Alveda King implied last week that New York has been hit so hard by the COVID-19 pandemic because it is “the home of abortion.” Religious-right leaders routinely portray the U.S. as deserving of God’s wrath for permitting legal abortion.

King made her comments on a Wednesday night online gathering called by POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia to promote “The Return,” a religious-right pre-election rally being planned for Sept. 26 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. King, who is a member of the POTUS Shield leadership council, said she would be attending “The Return.”

On the call, Amedia asked King to talk about the topic of abortion, saying that “too many children have died, and the blood is crying out to our Lord.” Amedia reminded listeners that he has prophesied that God would allow President Donald Trump to name three Supreme Court justices and enough lower court judges to change the law of the land. Trump has an “assignment of God” to do away with abortion, Amedia said, which is a reason that POTUS Shield supports Trump:

Alveda King Implies COVID-19 Hit New York So Hard Because It Is ‘The Home of Abortion’

Then there is the Ohio lawmaker and his reason for no mask…..

An Ohio state lawmaker is refusing to wear a mask because, well, it would cover his face. In a Monday Facebook post, GOP Rep. Nino Vitale cited his religious beliefs in refusing Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s recommendation to wear a mask to limit the spread of COVID-19, per the Hill. “This is the greatest nation on earth founded on Judeo-Christian Principles,” Vitale wrote. “One of those principles is that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. That image is seen the most by our face.” Therefore, “I will not wear a mask.”

With the state moving to reopening certain nonessential businesses, DeWine announced April 27 that people in stores would be required to wear masks. However, he quickly reversed course, saying masks would be recommended but not mandated. Vitale’s post included video clips of DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton discussing the recommendation. He directed officials to “ignore the unelected Dr. Acton’s orders” and “open your counties now, before it’s too late.” He also asserted the virus was no worse than the flu, though research to date on COVID-19 shows it has a higher death rate and is more contagious, per Live Science.

Really?  I would think God is better looking than this whack-a-doole…..he is off his nut.

Then we have a failed conserv candidate and her racist rant…..

DeAnna Lorraine, a failed congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist, said in an online video Wednesday that she wasn’t “buying” the fact that the COVID-19 coronavirus is disproportionately affecting black Americans, but added that if it were, it may be because black people are ignoring social distancing guidelines to have big “house parties and barbecues and crawfish boils.”

DeAnna Lorraine Is Being Totally Not Racist When She Says Black People Get COVID-19 Because They Have ‘House Parties and Barbecues and Crawfish Boils’

She is a d/bag in more ways than one.

How much longer will the idiots inn the heartland listen to the babbling of morons like this douche…..

On Monday night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell once again declared that President Trump is being guided by the hand of God.

“We are up against evil right now, but God is on our side,” Mitchell declared. “The media was against Trump. Never Trump was against Trump. The Democrats were against Trump. The Obama DOJ and FBI were against Trump. It was just up to God plus us and that was enough to get Donald Trump elected.”

“This is God’s country,” he continued. “God founded this country and he is not going to give it up to a bunch of America-last, manage-the-decline, Vichy-government Democrats. He is going to keep in charge of this country.”

Bill Mitchell: God Is ‘Guiding Donald Trump’s Hand’

Really?  So far I have seen NOTHING from Trump that would have me believe that God cares one way or the other about the spineless slug.

Then there are the idiots like this one from Montana….

GOP Montana Rep. Rodney Garcia is refusing calls from his own party to resign over remarks that the U.S. Constitution says socialists can be shot.

The Billings Gazette reports: “Garcia rejected the call to resign Monday, saying that the ‘only way I would give my resignation is if God asked me to.’ The pressure to resign came after Garcia raised a question Friday during a Republican party organizing meeting in Helena. Garcia said he was concerned about socialists “entering our government” and socialists “everywhere” in Billings, before saying the Constitution says either to shoot socialists or to put them in jail.”

Montana Lawmaker Who Says Socialists Can Be Shot: The Only Way I Would Resign ‘is if God Asked Me To’

Then there is the conspiracy told by FUX News about Bill Gates creating this virus and why…..

Indeed, former Fox News and Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk — the stage names of Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richards — recently implied that Gates’ desire for a vaccine was linked to a “population control” agenda. (They were later fired from the network for saying this.) Florida pastor Adam Fannin argued that Gates supports vaccination so he can implant “digital certificates” into people that would send information about COVID-19 infectees to the United Nations, and that Gates wants to “depopulate” the world.

There are no words to describe this stupidity.

This stupidity would be humorous if it weren’t so damn pathetic.

A short tour through the files of “Can’t Fix Stupid”……there are so many more….but I do have a life beyond reporting on stupid.

Be Well…..Be Safe…….

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Covid-19 And Terrorists

The one thing that this pandemic has not covered is that of terrorism… does this effect a world terror network?

From neo-Nazis to jihadists, the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to many terrorists that the United States is not the ever-prepared, all-knowing power it once appeared to be, and nor are many of its Western allies.

As the world looks on in awe at the governmental, economic, and societal vulnerabilities exposed by COVID-19, terrorists are taking note, and because a novel coronavirus was able to cripple the planet, bad actors are taking the idea of weaponizing disease more seriously than they have for years. Some have discussed ways to use the coronavirus itself to promote their various anarchic and apocalyptic agendas

Over the last few years, ISIS-linked media groups have called for “bio terror” as revenge for events like the 2019 massacre at mosques in New Zealand, and launched all-out media campaigns promoting bioweapons. One disturbingly detailed video from July of 2018, titled “Bio-Terror,” directly suggests hantaviruses, cholera, and typhoid as weapons for lone wolf terrorists. The video, produced by a prominent ISIS-linked media group, even advises how to disseminate these “silent destructive weapon[s]” in “enemy nations.”

I see what this author is saying….but I am not sure that the terrorists are paying that close attention right now…..they may look back on this in search for weakness to exploit.

But then I could be mistaken…..

With coronavirus still out of control across much of the world, officials at the UN, US, and elsewhere are warning that various jihadist factions are looking to exploit the situation to try to recover the level of relevancy they once enjoyed.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that jihadists in the Sahel of northern Africa are particularly eager to try to exploit the situation, calling on countries involved in fighting jihadists there to cooperate better to prevent them getting any new footholds.

US officials are pushing a similar narrative with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Though there is no real sign ISIS is getting reorganized in any major way, the group is claiming more attacks lately, and with a big focus on coronavirus, many are trying to tie the two situations together.

This makes sense for groups that operate based on their ability to instill fear, who hope to take advantage of the pandemic panic that is already endemic in the areas. The UN has been calling for global ceasefires to focus on the pandemic, though the latest draft of that resolution exempts fighting against ISIS or any al-Qaeda forces.


The Specter of Terrorism During the Coronavirus Pandemic


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