Betrayal Of Port Huron

About here most youngsters are asking just what am I talking about and what the Hell is Port Huron.

First of all this is a post on the coming election and Joe Biden.

As an aging radical from the 60s and 70s I believed in the direction a group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) laid out in their Port Huron Statement….( and now the perfect time for a little history)….

Learn a bit about the SDS and in turn about the old professor…..

Now the statement they issued that outlined an agenda…..

The Students for a Democratic Society was a leftist student movement that came out of the early 60s in the midst of the New Left, and had chapters and wide participation throughout America in the 60s, most notably the anti-war and free speech movement. The New Left mainly referred to the student movement that came about in the 1960s that focused on social injustices throughout the United States. They were heavily concerned with the “establishment” of the country and wanted to change the government with (in the very least) a social revolution, though many groups were even more radical. The SDS could be considered the flagship organization of the New Left. They branched off of the Student League for Industrial Democracy or SLID because they believed the organization’s ideologies were too restricting. Hence the SDS was very vague in their principles, so to appeal to a wide group of students with varying ideologies. This can be seen in their most important document, which describes them as an organization and can lead to a better understanding of them as a group, “The Port Huron Statement.”

“The Port Huron Statement” was the manifesto of the Students for the Democratic Society. Tom Hayden, a leader of the original SDS, as well as a student at University of Michigan was the working force behind the document. Tom Hayden along with other founding members came together in Port Huron, Michigan, in the June of 1962 to lay out the ideologies and goals of their new organization, which heavily reflected that of the New Left. The first part of the document brings understanding to their viewpoint of society and American political and military actions, while the second half focuses on how America should “establish greater democracy in America” (46), and tactics their organization could use to help the United States achieve this. To give a clear understanding of the SDS ideology and goals “The Port Huron Statement” is an important document to study as it outlined their beliefs and goals.

This is the original draft of the Port Huron Statement…..”A New Agenda For a Generation……

Please read the statement…..the values then are the values of today…..nothing has changed and that can be blamed on the desertions to mainstream for profit parties….

Yes I was a member and follower of the SDS…..I did not agree with some members turn to violence and I definitely did not agree when the leaders like Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin made the turn Right and embraced the Democratic Party.

The SDS had a great agenda but lost the chance to implement by the desertions of the leadership to the “enemy”…..

That catches my reader up….and then the SDS old new left (the ones that made that turn) have issued a statement in support of Biden for 2020……

“An Open Letter to the New New Left From the Old New Left,” signed by more than sixty former leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The aim of the letter is to pressure supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders into voting for Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate.

Their letter in the Nation opens by applauding Senator Sanders’ long-anticipated decision to drop out of the presidential race and support Biden. However, the authors write that they are “gravely concerned that some of his supporters, including the leadership of Democratic Socialists of America, refuse to support Biden, whom they see as a representative of Wall Street capital.”

The letter is formally directed to the leadership of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which has officially stated that it will not be endorsing Biden. This is a political maneuver on the DSA’s part, as there are not in fact any principled political differences between it and the writers of the letter, of which we will say more below.

These old leaders may have lost their way….but old radicals like me are still the same person with the same beliefs we held 50 years ago.

And because I have the same values that I held 50 years ago I have NO use for a candidate like Joe Biden….and if you have read the statement then you know why……

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2 thoughts on “Betrayal Of Port Huron

  1. It seems that the fervour of youth has mellowed into ‘anyone but Trump’. How they can think of declaring support for Biden is beyond me. But then most things are these days.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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