Covid-19–Are You At Risk?

I know that there has been a wealth of information, some good and some total BS, about this virus and who could be at risk.

There are a few things that could put one a more risk than normal….

Immunocompromised is a broad term reflecting the fact someone’s immune system isn’t as strong and balanced as it should be.

Because immunocompromised people’s immune systems are defective or ineffective, they’re unable to stop invasion and colonisation by foreign intruders, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

An under-performing immune response leaves people susceptible to infection, but the severe symptoms in some people are actually caused by a huge immune response sweeping over the whole body.

The reasons for this are varied, and can be complex and intertwined.

These four things may increase your risk of coronavirus

It is a shame that this country has had two decades to prepare for this eventuality…..and we failed miserably.

The nation’s health secretary was warned about a possible pandemic — and, he admits now, he didn’t take that first warning seriously enough. But he studied with experts at the Centers of Disease Control. He read papers on virology. He took his concerns to the president. And months later, the administration unveiled a plan to tackle the virus emerging out of Asia, investing in therapies and warning Americans to stock up on canned goods.

It’s a moment that feels ripped from the headlines about the current coronavirus crisis. But the year was 2005, not 2020.

And for his troubles, that health secretary — Bush appointee Mike Leavitt — was mocked as an alarmist by political rivals and late-night comics, even as that year’s threat of avian flu petered out around the globe.

“Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt recommended that Americans store canned tuna and powdered milk under their beds for when bird flu hits,” host Jay Leno said on the Tonight Show in 2006, a recurring bit where he ridiculed Leavitt’s warnings. “What? … Powdered milk and tuna? How many would rather have the bird flu?”

And look what all the skepticism has done,

It flew up and bit us in the ass and at the worse time…..a time when we have an ineffectual president… scoffed and now you pay.

The deaths from this virus was 2 weeks earlier than first reported….

Up until recently, the first COVID-19 death in the US was thought to have occurred in Washington state on Feb. 29. But autopsies have revealed two earlier coronavirus deaths in California, one on Feb. 6 and the other on Feb. 17, the AP reports. The San Francisco Chronicle calls it “a stunning discovery” that radically changes the timeline of the virus in the country and adds to other recent evidence that it was circulating in the US earlier than previously believed. “We know there was a person diagnosed in late January with the virus—but to have at least three people right around the beginning of February and late January already have the infection and two of them pass away means the virus has been around for a while,” Santa Clara County Executive Jeff Smith says, per the Mercury News.

Both victims died at home in Santa Clara County and tissue samples ultimately revealed they had the virus when they died. Officials also revealed a third death in the county not previously attributed to coronavirus, that one on March 6. Before Tuesday’s announcement, the first recorded COVID-19 death in the hard-hit county was March 9. The three newly revealed deaths are believed to have been cases of “community spread,” meaning the victims caught the virus from an as-yet-unknown person in the community, as opposed to transmission via travel or “close contact” with someone known to have the virus. That’s important because it indicates community transmission was occurring in the county long before the US’ first confirmed case of community spread, which came on Feb. 26 in California’s Solano County.

One more thought….while you prepare to re-open the nation (a Trumpian BS term)…..the news of the next wave has come out…..

As states start to reopen or, at least, consider reopening, the director of the CDC has a warning: The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, and when the next wave hits the US, it could be worse than this one. “There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through,” Robert Redfield tells the Washington Post. “And when I’ve said this to others, they kind of put their head back, they don’t understand what I mean.” So he broke it down: “We’re going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time,” which could be devastating for the nation’s health care system. Even a severe flu season alone is enough to put a strain on that system, and Redfield notes we’re lucky the coronavirus arrived as the current flu season was waning.

If COVID-19 had arrived earlier, “it could have been really, really, really, really difficult in terms of health capacity,” he said. Redfield says that officials need to use the next few months to prepare for a second wave by increasing testing and contact tracing (which, he noted, Census Bureau workers, Peace Corps volunteers, and AmeriCorps volunteers could potentially help with), continuing to urge residents to practice social distancing, and starting to remind people how important it is to get a flu shot next season. CNN reports that White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx was asked about Redfield’s comments during Tuesday’s press briefing. Her take: “I don’t know if it will be worse, I think this has been pretty bad. … I believe that we’ll have early warning signals both from our surveillance that we’ve been talking about in these vulnerable populations. We’re going to continue that surveillance from now all the way through to be able to give us that early warning signal.”

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4 thoughts on “Covid-19–Are You At Risk?

  1. So everyone is saying it is still going to be ‘pretty bad’, yet some governors, and the president, want to ‘re-open the country’. I kno what side I would be on.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m one of those old fart people with a compromised immune system. The last time i was out was Match 11, just before the advisory came out that those like me should stay home. My rather abrasive sister pointed out that this forced isolation shouldn’t bother me since i’m mostly housebound anyway but i pointed out to her that before this i had the option of going out in the world if someone invited me to go out with them & i felt well enough to go. So, since this “hoax” could have been planned for since the fool in the Oval Office had advanced warning, who can tell when it will be relatively safe for those of us at risk to venture out again?

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