Stupid Kills!

Closing Thought–09Apr20 #2

They say speed kills but in this time of crisis from this pandemic…stupidity will kill!

And there are governors that are doing a lot to kill people with their inaction.

As late as March 30, 15 states had issued neither stay-at-home orders nor ordered the closure of non-essential businesses. All 15 have Republican governors. Since then, most have finally taken too-little-too-late statewide measures.

In a target-rich environment, selecting (much less ranking) the five dumbest GOP governors is no easy task. But somebody has to do it. By focusing exclusively on their response to the COVID-19 crisis, the task becomes a bit easier.

With apologies to Greg Abbott and Jim Justice, here they are:

Stupid Kills: The 5 Worst GOP Governors’ Responses to COVID-19

Well my state is in the list of governors that show NO concern for their citizens…..mine is Tater Tot Reeves……plus the population for the most part still does not take this virus seriously…..this will come back and eat the state in the unprotected ass.

This does not surprise me that my governor is one of the worse of the worst…..Mississippi has a propensity of electing those Good Old Boys that carry little for the population.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “Stupid Kills!

  1. I live in New York. After he had done 1 or 2 live updates the Idiot-in-Chief had a phone call with several governors that he tweeted about. The tweet included an insult about our governor to which Gov. Cuomo replied, “Thank you for allowing me to do your job”.

      1. How much money is enough? Why does he need to make yet more money out of drugs during this disaster? However, I doubt the ICC will bother with a prosecution. He wouldn’t go to stand trial anyway.

      2. I agree…but it looks good on his bio after he leaves office….impeached….sent to the ICJ….corruption…his legacy should make him the worse prez ever! chuq

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