Those Ventilators!

Closing Thought–31Mar20

We all have heard the horror stories of the shortages for must needed ventilators……there have been all sorts of accusations….from hoarding to shortages in supply….and then Donald of Orange decided that GM should get money (a billion dollars) to start-up manufacturing……

President Trump ordered General Motors on Friday to make ventilators for U.S. hospitals treating COVID-19 patients through a 1950’s wartime act⁠—but the company says it was already rushing to make the devices, the latest development in a weeks-long drama as officials rang alarm bells that ventilator shortages could lead to a higher death toll.

But wait!

MIT has come up with a ventilator that would cost $100……

Clinical and design considerations will be published online; goal is to support rapid scale-up of device production to alleviate hospital shortages.

One of the most pressing shortages facing hospitals during the Covid-19 emergency is a lack of ventilators. These machines can keep patients breathing when they no longer can on their own, and they can cost around $30,000 each. Now, a rapidly assembled volunteer team of engineers, physicians, computer scientists, and others, centered at MIT, is working to implement a safe, inexpensive alternative for emergency use, which could be built quickly around the world.

The team, called MIT E-Vent (for emergency ventilator), was formed on March 12, 2020, in response to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its members were brought together by the exhortations of doctors, friends, and a sudden flood of mail referencing a project done a decade ago in the MIT class 2.75 (Medical Device Design). Students working in consultation with local physicians designed a simple ventilator device that could be built with about $100 worth of parts. They published a paper detailing their design and testing, but the work ended at that point. Now, with a significant global need looming, a new team, linked to that course, has resumed the project at a highly accelerated pace.

MIT is offering the instructions for free on-line…..and yet GM is working on $1 billion as a start-op price tag… thinking about that people.

One more….taxpayer money used to make profits off of ventilators……

Five years ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tried to plug a crucial hole in its preparations for a global pandemic, signing a $13.8 million contract with a Pennsylvania manufacturer to create a low-cost, portable, easy-to-use ventilator that could be stockpiled for emergencies.

This past September, with the design of the new Trilogy Evo Universal finally cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, HHS ordered 10,000 of the ventilators for the Strategic National Stockpile at a cost of $3,280 each.

Then there is GM and its demands…..

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7 thoughts on “Those Ventilators!

  1. Exactly the same thing has happened in the UK! 1. Three years ago the NHS had a “drill” for an imaginary Pandemic. The NHS failed the test so bady, the Health Dept supressed the report. Then did nothing about it. Now, when the ventilators are suddenly needed here, the contracts to build them went to 2 masjor companies who were cash doners to the Tories in the last election. One produce mechanical diggers, the other a vacumme cleaner company – both devout Brexiteers. UK Gov also elected to not take part in a European procurement plan for the ventilators, because this is a Brexit government. When challenged over this Government claimed they missded the email. EU negotiators have now published the minutes of the meetings they had with UK on the proposal. What a shit shower.

  2. It was reported a couple weeks ago that Dyson, the plastic vacuum cleaner guy, designed a new respirator inside of ten days and has started building them for the British government. Unknown the cost (his vacuums are not cheap).

  3. Bill is right to suggest cronyism and profit are the leading reasons behind the award of the ventilator project to Dyson. The cost of each one is so far ‘unspecified’. Other companies offering basic ones for £300 each were not even contacted by the government.
    Our country’s leaders are below scum level.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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