Drain The Swamp!

Of all the slogans and chants from the 2016 election that one sticks out in my mind……a new face and a new call for the Swamp to be drained’

As usual this is a subject/promise that I have watched closely and even wrote about it in 2019…..https://lobotero.com/2019/10/22/drain-the-swamp-drain-the-swamp/

Sadly Trump has not drained the Swamp he is just added to it and built one of his liking…..the impeachment process has brought out all the critters in Trump’s swamp

The defense’s opening statements of Trump’s impeachment trial. Justice, however, was not one of them. Power, absolutism, corruption and denial were present, but a quest for justice certainly wasn’t, not even within the narrow confines of these stunted proceedings. The process continues in less than twenty-four hours with the likelihood that the show will continue to produce more repetition, denial and obstruction, which is how I would describe business as usual in Washington on most days. The impeachment process has just consolidated it all and put it on television. One thing I have had confirmed during my viewing is that there are a lot of lousy and overpriced attorneys who only seem smart because their clients are not.

Saturday the 25th of January the morning newspapers provided commentary on the sideshows that tend to accompany political spectacles in DC. This included coverage of remarks by the impeachment spokesperson Adam “Don Quixote” Schiff in which he referred to GOP heads ending up on a pike if they opposed Trump. Two Republican senators–Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska–objected to that characterization. I think their objections had to do with the GOP’s inability to comprehend metaphor. Although, if heads on a pike was still a thing, I can certainly think of a few Senators whose heads would be perfect there.

The Swamp That Trump Built

I have written about this topic many times….simply the administration will change but the Swamp remains.

And the Trump swamp gets deeper by the month….and with a new election on the horizon we should hear more about something that will NEVER happen.

Change NEVER comes……reform is the best that this system can do…..and reforms are easily overturned by the next megalomaniac that inhabits the White House.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

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