A Few Early 2020 Political Views

Lots of notes are being taken by me on this year’s political season….too many to bombard my readers with separate posts so to make things simpler for them I have combined a few here for their consideration….

We all know by now that the Iowa vote was a massive clusterf*ck….but could it have an up side?

Iowa Democrats wanted to modernize their caucuses and expand access. Instead, problems with a mobile app and many other issues forced the party to delay announcing the winner. 

But what is an embarrassment for state Democrats might be a win for democracy. For some election integrity advocates, the mess in Iowa was the perfect example of why caucuses no longer work and need to be replaced.

Troy Price, head of the Iowa Democratic Party, officially called for an independent investigation to determine what happened on caucus night. To some, however, the answer is clear and a solution obvious. Had the Iowa caucus been conducted through ranked-choice voting on paper ballots, argued Neal Simon, an Independent who ran for the US Senate in Maryland in 2018, election night would have been more “transparent, immediate, and private.”

Iowa Caucus Mess Bad for Democrats, Good for Democracy?

With the screw up in Iowa and the vote in New Hampshire should no longer be first in the nation…..they are not representative of the nation…..

Iowa and New Hampshire, two states widely seen as setting the tone for the presidential primary, have one major thing in common: They’re extremely white.

Both states’ populations are roughly 90 percent white — a stark contrast with both the country, which is 60 percent white, and the Democratic Party’s base, nearly 40 percent of which is made up of people of color.

That discrepancy has always been a point of contention. But now, particularly as the Democratic Party places a larger focus on representation than ever before and a once historically diverse field of candidates has narrowed to a slate of white frontrunners, it’s driving home a pointed question: Does the order of the early primary states discount voters of color? The data, as it stands, suggests that it does.


A few thoughts from around the world on the fallout of the impeachment process…..

United Kingdom: Sky News, Amanda Walker “Mr Trump desperately wants to win the 2020 election. But it’s not just about victory for him anymore. It’s about revenge against the party that exposed his behavior and tried to bring him down.

“This impeachment has surely proved that Mr Trump is willing to go outside acceptable norms to secure victory.”

The specter of dynastic authoritarianism — a Caesar in the White House — now looms large over the United States, Germans were warned…

Germany: Die Welt, Hannes Stein — “Trump has a good chance of a second term. And one thing has long been clear: In this second term Trump will do everything to secure the rule of his clan. Already Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s eldest son, is installed as heir to the imperial Trumpism throne and the Republican party base cheers him on.

Trump, 2020 Election and Impeachment Fallout — What the World Thinks

Now a thought on the GOP fallout from their actions as a pack of cowards and sycophants…..

One of the most edifying aspects of the recent impeachment process has been the sheer, magnificent variety of Republican approaches to denying reality and avoiding accountability, for themselves and their president. Putting aside the creativity, the bottom line is that not a single Republican made a compelling or coherent case for acquitting the president. There just wasn’t one to be made.

That didn’t stop them from rolling out a range of tactics, from distortion to dissembling. 

Sen. James Inhofe (OK) took the traditional (and widely imitated) approach of just making up the facts to fit his predetermination to defend the president no matter what. “The House hasn’t even accused the president of a crime,” Inhofe claimed, adding: “Presidents should be held to the highest standard.” 

Brain-Dead Republicans Acquit Guilty President — Now What?

Just a few thoughts…like them or not…..

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    1. I think so as well…the Dems are eating themselves and it will continue until the convention and then it will be too late to get after Trump…..chuq

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