The Failure Of Social Balances

AS the election of 2020 neared and we would expect all those traditional countervailing forces that help keep the American presidents on a balanced path have failed the nation in the time of Trumpian corruption….

Forces like…..the Congress, the courts even the Democratic Party are all failing the American people.

Ralph Nader has written an article….while I do not agree with everything Nader has said or written in the past….I do see what he is saying with his latest article.

Let’s give dangerous, dictatorial, corporatist, lawless, unstable, Donald Trump his due. He has shown us just how weak our various countervailing institutions and constitutional standards are in checking the excesses of the most impeachable President in American history.

After three and a half years of corruption, cronyism, chaos, illegal wars, and destruction of law enforcement protecting people from corporate ravages, Trump a bigoted, racist, serial fabricator, and boastful savage serial predator has not only gotten away with everything but has doubled down on everything. He has intimidated almost everyone with any power or influence into submission or silence.

This unprecedented feat rests on many abdicators:

Expected Countervailing Forces to Trumpism are Failing

Has hate made this wide divide possible?

Tribalism is gonna to be the death of this republic….

To anyone following American politics, it’s not exactly news that Democrats and Republicans don’t like each other. Take what happened in the presidential debate last week. President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden did little to conceal their disdain of one another. And although the debate marked a low point in our national discourse, it was a crystallization of a long-developing trend: loathing the opposing party.

This is hardly a new trend; in fact, it’s increasingly common among American voters. However, this level of hatred — which political scientists call “negative partisanship” — has reached levels that are not just bad for democracy, but are potentially destructive. And extreme partisan animosity is a prelude to democratic collapse.

It wasn’t always this bad, though. Forty years ago, when asked to rate how “favorable and warm” their opinion of each party was, the average Democrat and Republican said they felt OK-ish about the opposite party. But for four decades now, partisans have increasingly turned against each other in an escalating cycle of dislike and distrust — views of the other party are currently at an all-time low.

Because of this political hatred and the failing stop gaps in our governmental style… is the perfect time to try and change the silly and destructive slide that began with Reagan and came to a festering head with Trump.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


I Read, I Write, You Know

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The Lesser Of Two Evils

I have had many debates and discussions in my 70 years on the act of voting.

We all know the ones that say it is a duty to vote or those that say if you vote for anyone other than the 2 major candidates then you are doing a disservice to the country.

This is all so much noise or to my thinking…..babble.

Every year here on IST I get someone that will come on and tell me why I am helping elect the “other” side when I talk about voting beyond Dem/Repub….I do not mind for they have their opinion and I have mine….and in the end it is my vote and I shall place it where I feel it deserves.

I do not like “Lesser of evils” elections and it seem in the last 30 years that is all we have been offered and in those years our lives have been stagnant….but we can feel better that we voted for the “lesser of evils” (that is sarcasm)……

A good summation……

There are two major parties in the US and they both represent “capital.” But since defining capital is very controversial among economists, let us simply say that both parties represent money, the kind of money that begets more money. This kind of money is sacrosanct. It is a deity. It is worshiped by almost everyone. Having this kind of money, or being backed by it, is essential for getting elected, especially since most voters rely on advertising before voting for a candidate. Many voters, even if poor, admire and highly respect those who have a lot of money.

Once in office the office holder must make sure that conditions for self-expanding money are kept intact. This means preserving and reproducing existing social relations, particularly by maintaining “law and order.” Among many other things, the class structure must be kept intact. But it is hard to define “class,” and, moreover, the word is tabooed in the US. So, let me illustrate this with a simple, personal example.

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils: a Vicious Circle

So, what is it that prevents me from voting for a president? Is voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden worse than having a colonoscopy?

I have told anyone who will listen….I have a set of political principles that I have never veered from in my voting history….I will not veer this election either.

You may disagree with my choices…but keep in mind they are MY choices.

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A Few Early 2020 Political Views

Lots of notes are being taken by me on this year’s political season….too many to bombard my readers with separate posts so to make things simpler for them I have combined a few here for their consideration….

We all know by now that the Iowa vote was a massive clusterf*ck….but could it have an up side?

Iowa Democrats wanted to modernize their caucuses and expand access. Instead, problems with a mobile app and many other issues forced the party to delay announcing the winner. 

But what is an embarrassment for state Democrats might be a win for democracy. For some election integrity advocates, the mess in Iowa was the perfect example of why caucuses no longer work and need to be replaced.

Troy Price, head of the Iowa Democratic Party, officially called for an independent investigation to determine what happened on caucus night. To some, however, the answer is clear and a solution obvious. Had the Iowa caucus been conducted through ranked-choice voting on paper ballots, argued Neal Simon, an Independent who ran for the US Senate in Maryland in 2018, election night would have been more “transparent, immediate, and private.”

Iowa Caucus Mess Bad for Democrats, Good for Democracy?

With the screw up in Iowa and the vote in New Hampshire should no longer be first in the nation…..they are not representative of the nation…..

Iowa and New Hampshire, two states widely seen as setting the tone for the presidential primary, have one major thing in common: They’re extremely white.

Both states’ populations are roughly 90 percent white — a stark contrast with both the country, which is 60 percent white, and the Democratic Party’s base, nearly 40 percent of which is made up of people of color.

That discrepancy has always been a point of contention. But now, particularly as the Democratic Party places a larger focus on representation than ever before and a once historically diverse field of candidates has narrowed to a slate of white frontrunners, it’s driving home a pointed question: Does the order of the early primary states discount voters of color? The data, as it stands, suggests that it does.

A few thoughts from around the world on the fallout of the impeachment process…..

United Kingdom: Sky News, Amanda Walker “Mr Trump desperately wants to win the 2020 election. But it’s not just about victory for him anymore. It’s about revenge against the party that exposed his behavior and tried to bring him down.

“This impeachment has surely proved that Mr Trump is willing to go outside acceptable norms to secure victory.”

The specter of dynastic authoritarianism — a Caesar in the White House — now looms large over the United States, Germans were warned…

Germany: Die Welt, Hannes Stein — “Trump has a good chance of a second term. And one thing has long been clear: In this second term Trump will do everything to secure the rule of his clan. Already Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s eldest son, is installed as heir to the imperial Trumpism throne and the Republican party base cheers him on.

Trump, 2020 Election and Impeachment Fallout — What the World Thinks

Now a thought on the GOP fallout from their actions as a pack of cowards and sycophants…..

One of the most edifying aspects of the recent impeachment process has been the sheer, magnificent variety of Republican approaches to denying reality and avoiding accountability, for themselves and their president. Putting aside the creativity, the bottom line is that not a single Republican made a compelling or coherent case for acquitting the president. There just wasn’t one to be made.

That didn’t stop them from rolling out a range of tactics, from distortion to dissembling. 

Sen. James Inhofe (OK) took the traditional (and widely imitated) approach of just making up the facts to fit his predetermination to defend the president no matter what. “The House hasn’t even accused the president of a crime,” Inhofe claimed, adding: “Presidents should be held to the highest standard.” 

Brain-Dead Republicans Acquit Guilty President — Now What?

Just a few thoughts…like them or not…..

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What Will Dems Do?

The hot story over the weekend was that Trump may or may not have asked Ukraine for help with his verbal battles with Biden.

Well he has admitted that he asked them for help……the Ukrainians that is……

President Trump suggested Sunday that he raised former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s son in a summer phone call with Ukraine’s new leader, as Democrats pressed for investigations into whether Trump improperly used his office to try to dig up damaging information about a political rival, the AP reports. Trump told reporters that the July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was “congratulatory” and focused on corruption in the East European nation. In his remarks to reporters, he then raised Biden as an example, although there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or his son Hunter, who worked for a Ukrainian gas company.

“It was largely the fact that we don’t want our people, like Vice President Biden and his son, creating to the corruption already in the Ukraine,” Trump said as he left the White House for a trip to Texas. Biden, who is among the front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination, accused Trump of making a baseless political smear. The matter has sparked a fierce debate over whether Trump misused his office for political gain and whether his administration is withholding from Congress critical information about his actions. The incident is part of a whistleblower complaint, but the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, has refused to share details with lawmakers, citing presidential privilege.

Trump said in the presser outside the White House that it was a “beautiful conversation”   really?  That sounds like something you would have with someone that gave him regular blowjobs….not something you would say about the talk with a foreign leader.

Just another chance for the Dems to step up, find their nuts and start proceedings against a corrupt leader that flaunts his power in the faces of the country.

I cannot wait for the lip service these impotent toads will provide the media with …..action will be just a promise that will last beyond 2020 and will most likely be all but forgotten by next session.

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Just Not Good Enough

We have finished the midterms and now all eyes will turn to the 2020 elections…..there is a wealth of opinions out there in what to expect with this voting…….

So why not let the old professor throw stuff out there for your consideration….

There is a small group that thinks that Trump will not run for re-election…they say that he would want to go out on top and not from a possible stinging loss that would follow him throughout the rest of his life both personal and professional.

There are Progressives that say that being anti-Trump is not enough to win in 2020….I agree…..

While affirming that he “strongly” disagrees with former Newt Gingrich, who led the GOP in the House in the mid-1990s, “on virtually every issue,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is calling on Democrats in Congress to rip a page of out the Georgia Republican’s playbook by creating—and aggressively pushing—a new progressive version of the Contract With America in order to galvanize the nation, offer real solutions to its most urgent problems, and go beyond being simply anti-Trump.

In stark contrast to Gingrich’s original version—”a radical right-wing agenda full of tax breaks for the wealthy, massive cuts to programs vital to working families, and racist and cruel bills to ‘reform’ welfare and our criminal-justice system”—Sanders argues in a Washington Post op-ed on Thursday that Democrats should instead forge a vision that “reflects the needs of working Americans — centered on economic, political, social, racial and environmental justice.”


If he stands for re-election as it is today I think he can win the election…..why?   I cannot see anyone in the DNC that could win on a head to head election.


Too many Clintonites to make a difference…..the Clintonites are NO better than the big business GOP……they stand up for progressism but are just a neo-liberal pack of manure……

There is lots of noise coming from the Dems…but right now it is all noise and optics.

Sorry, wish I had better thoughts but looking at the political landscape these days and the Dems have zilch.

I agree…..anti-Trump is not a winning policy…..Dems need to dig deep and find some policies not rooted in the 1950s….or a placate of the big dollar donors.

Extinction Of The White Dinosaur

It appears that there is a movement that sees the end of the rule of the old angry white man, the white dinosaur, but could this country finally be moving beyond the rule of the white man?

In opinion piece that covers this phenom……

The election of so many women in the last election is part of the process of the extinction……the problem is that these women need to carve out their spot in politics and stick to their guns.

I look forward to these young freshman representatives embrace their destiny and make their mark on the people and the country.

I wish them luck!

The Coming Balkanization?

As the new Congress sets about doing the country’s work (that would be happening but right now we have a game of partisan BS)……and as usual the Dems seem to be at each other’s throats….a condition that makes conservs smile broadly.

The Dems are said to be in the process of balkanization of the party….about here a normal person would ask….HUH?

Okay the word “balkanization” what does it mean….well, it is pretty simple…..


  • to divide (a country, territory, etc.) into small, quarrelsome, ineffectual states.
  • ( often lowercase ) to divide (groups, areas, etc.) into contending and usually ineffectual factions

In this case it would be the second definition….

Now that it is defined….I move on to an article I read in the American Conservative….it seems that Pat Buchanan, an old fart, sees the energy by the freshmen Congresspeople as the problem that could doom the party in the coming elections(I do not agree)….

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House has more women, persons of color and LGBT members than any House in history—and fewer white males.

And Thursday, the day Rashida Tlaib was sworn in, her hand on a Quran, our first Palestinian-American congresswoman showed us what we may expect. As a rally of leftists lustily cheered her on, Tlaib roared, “We’re gonna impeach the (expletive deleted)!”

Not only was no apology forthcoming, the host of the New American Leaders event where Tlaib spoke warmly endorsed her gutter language.

Her remarks, said Sayu Bhojwani, “were raw and honest, and came straight from the heart. … a refreshing break from the canned comments our elected leaders usually make. Tlaib spoke…with the fire that so many at our event wanted to hear.”

This is a tactic the Conservs will use…..the polls show that the public is behind many of the policies that the Dems are spouting and they, conservs, need to start a smear campaign with the hopes of making the Des appear as ineffectual….they have done it before and it has been successful.

Several programs worry conservs….the Green New Deal….a deal to push Dems into doing something about climate change…..

Another program that is getting more trsction with the American public….Medicare For All……

I can hope that the American public will help and get behind the progressives….the country needs a change in direction….the one we are on now leads to a cliff.

The mash-up between Pelosi and Trump is just juvenile…..I think Pelsoi sent her letter just to see how much of a titty baby the president is….and she has her answer.

She will be punished by not letting her visit the troops in Afghanistan….

President Trump, it appears, is working on a new travel ban—and this one is aimed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On Thursday, the President sent Pelosi a letter saying that he was cancelling a congressional delegation’s trip abroad so Pelosi can stay in Washington DC and continue to talk border security with him, ABC reports, noting that Trump’s letter seems to be payback for Pelosi’s letter to him earlier this week in which she floated the idea of postponing the State of the Union address until after the shutdown ends. “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed,” Trump writes in the letter, which was tweeted by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

He calls the trip a “public relations event” and says, “I also feel that … it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the Strong Border Security movement to end the shutdown.” It appears, per the Hill, that Trump is declining to provide military transportation for the congressional delegation. But Trump does leave another option open: “If you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.” Sanders tells the Hill that the cancellation is aimed at reaching an agreement and ending the shutdown so government workers don’t miss another paycheck. Many Democrats, predictably, have blasted the president’s move. But Republicans are lobbing criticism, too.

If you would like to know more…..

If her trip was a PR stunt…what was his trip to visit the troops awhile back?

The “Balkanization” continues…..

Say Good-Bye To John Kelly

The first working day of the new year and the country can say good-bye to the beleaguered John Kelly.

Since taking office as Chief of Staff for Pres. Trump, John Kelly has taken lots of criticism from Trump and his array of slobbering minions….

But Kelly took some parting shots at the Trump admin……

“To be honest, it’s not a wall.” That’s John Kelly in an LA Times exit interview about immigration policy, Afghanistan, the legality of President Trump’s orders—and whether Kelly was allowed to “go get a beer” during his “bone-crushing hard job” as chief of staff. “The president still says ‘wall’—oftentimes frankly he’ll say ‘barrier’ or ‘fencing,’ now he’s tended toward steel slats,” per Kelly. “But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it.” Kelly says that jibes with what heard in early 2017 from “salt-of-the-earth, Joe-Six-Pack folks” who work as border agents: “They said, ‘Well we need a physical barrier in certain places, we need technology across the board, and we need more people.'” For more:

  • Afghanistan: “When I first took over, he was inclined to want to withdraw from Afghanistan,” Kelly recalls of Trump. “He was frustrated. It was a huge decision to make … and frankly there was no system at all for a lot of reasons—palace intrigue and the rest of it—when I got there.”
  • Not “ignorance”: “It’s never been: The president just wants to make a decision based on no knowledge and ignorance,” says Kelly, who assures the Times he gave Trump access to reams of information before major decisions. “You may not like his decision, but at least he was fully informed on the impact.”

Not so bad: “Illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly, are not bad people,” says Kelly, who still argues for stricter laws to keep the numbers down. “I have nothing but compassion for them, the young kids.”

Sessions surprise: “What happened was Jeff Sessions, he was the one that instituted the zero-tolerance process on the border that resulted in both people being detained and the family separation,” per Kelly. “He surprised us.”

No beer: Kelly describes 15-hour days that start at 4am and end at 9pm with him going over classified reports. “I’m guarded by the Secret Service. I can’t even go get a beer.”

Reaction: A tremor of delight has rippled through certain media outlets, with the Guardian saying the interview “contained a number of statements likely to irk Trump” and the Washington Post noting that “Kelly’s words are not exactly a ringing endorsement of Trump’s decisions.”

This should unleash the stupid of this president that listens to no one but the alt-Right commentators…..that could make for a disastrous new year……time will tell….(as they say).

Grab your junk…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride in 2019!

Is There A Mandate?

Finally and mercifully the midterms are in the history books…..but the partisan BS goes on and on……

But an observation……. an era of Republican leadership, nationalistic and fundamentalist movements, and changing social conventions. Electing Republican presidents who favored business expansion rather than regulation, the American public enjoyed apparently unlimited prosperity, while fear of radicals and foreigners combined to almost completely close off America to immigration and contributed to the resurgence of hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Sound familiar?

It should it was a description of the 1920’s in the US.

But I digress…….

Dems take the House.  GOP gains in Senate.  And the Congress has a mandate.  Riddle me this….What would that mandate be?

One person has said it is try and break this vicious cycle of tribalism…..really?

To me it looks more like racism than some form of tribalism…..

It’s fashionable in the Donald Trump era to decry political “tribalism,” especially if you’re a conservative attempting to criticize Trump without incurring the wrath of his supporters. House Speaker Paul Ryan has lamented the “tribalism” of American politics. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has said that “tribalism is ruining us.” Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has written a book warning that “partisan tribalism is statistically higher than at any point since the Civil War.”

In the fallout from Tuesday’s midterm elections, many political analysts have concluded that blue America and red America are ever more divided, ever more at each other’s throats. But calling this “tribalism” is misleading, because only one side of this divide remotely resembles a coalition based on ethnic and religious lines, and only one side has committed itself to a political strategy that relies on stoking hatred and fear of the other. By diagnosing America’s problem as tribalism, chin-stroking pundits and their sorrowful semi-Trumpist counterparts in Congress have hidden the actual problem in American politics behind a weird euphemism.

On the racism thing…..Mother Jones sees the racism in 2018 was down but sexism up…….

Here’s an interesting bit of polling research from Brian Schaffner. He used a panel study to test the effects of racist and sexist attitudes toward voting Republican in 2016 and 2018. Here’s what he found:

Will the past election bring a return to the “rule of law”?

After Wednesday, elected officials in the Republican Party should have no doubt that Donald Trump will force them to choose in coming days, weeks, and months between loyalty to him and loyalty to the rule of law, between the public’s right to the truth and Trump’s efforts to hide it.

The president began the day with an extraordinary threat on Twitter: “If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level,” he wrote,“then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!”

Come 2019 will the GOP grow a pair or will they continue to govern on their knees in front of Our Dear Supreme Leader?

My guess is they are springing for new knee pads…..cowards always work best when kept on their knees.

The Country Of The Five Tribes

In a few days you go to the polls and vote…..and how will you vote…..why do you vote as you do?  Of course those are rhetorical questions so don’t get too excited…..

I am just trying to be a little FYI and to make my readers think before they use their vote…..

There are many Americans that have witnessed the descent of American politics into tribalism…..a political “us against them”…..

“Every difference of opinion,” Thomas Jefferson warned in his first inaugural address, “is not a difference of principle.” Speaking to his countrymen after an election every bit as bitter as the one that put Donald J. Trump in the White House, Jefferson was trying to soothe the reigning animosity between the nation’s two dominant political parties. “We are all Republicans,” he added. “We are all Federalists.”

Not anymore. In 21st century America, any notion that election results end the argument, however temporarily, is an anachronism. So, too, is the conceit that a nation this large and diverse is divided neatly along “50-50” lines, with half of America’s 253 million adults supporting Democrats, and the other half backing Republicans.

Today, slightly more than one-fourth of registered voters in the United States have political views and social attitudes placing them in the camp of the “Resistance” — to President Trump and the Trump-era Republican Party.

I guess I would be either “The Resistance” or “Independent Blues”……just depends when in life you ask……

Please do your research on the issues and vote your beliefs….above all….VOTE!