The Best Of The Best Of The Best

Closing Thought–12Feb20

That would be how many view the troops that serve in our special forces in the different branches….

But recently there have been many reports of these “special” soldiers acting like frat rats and criminals and murderers….so bad that the new commander has commissioned a review of the whole system….even getting promoted while accused of a crime…..that alone should force some sort of review.  In case you missed my post…..

There are a number of high profile incidents that have captured the attention of the U.S. public, the media, and Congress. A quick summary of these incidents include:

  • an Army Special Forces Major accused of murdering an unarmed Taliban bomb-maker in Afghanistan
  • two Army Special Forces NCOs convicted of smuggling cocaine from Colombia into the United States
  • a Navy SEAL and two Marine Raiders accused of murder / manslaughter of an Army Green Beret in Mali
  • a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes while deployed with his SEAL platoon in Iraq
  • Navy SEAL platoon having a drunk fest in Iraq on the 4th of July and getting sent home
  • Army Special Forces NCOs stealing money from operational funds
  • numerous incidents of sexual assault, sexual mis-conduct, and drug use

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has released a 69-page report entitled United States Special Operations Command Comprehensive Review. USSOCOM was directed by Congress to conduct a review of its culture and report back to it with its findings.

The USSOCOM report, dated 23 January 2020, is the result of a review by USSOCOM “. . . that gathered insights and observations from across the force, at all levels, . . .”

Click to access USSOCOM-Comprehensive-Ethics-Review-Report-January-2020.pdf

This report had little “good news” for the operational portion of the review.

The report recommends 16 actions to address the findings by the review. A strong implementation plan is recommended and the adoption of the will to execute it. The report says that if “. . . implemented correctly, the comprehensive review will make USSOCOM better as a more credible, capable and precise force.”

These soldiers are not supermen nor can they walk on water…..they need to be held to the same rules as the rest of us…….and the re-introduction of discipline.

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11 thoughts on “The Best Of The Best Of The Best

  1. I agree with you about the need for discipline in the Military. I have noticed that discipline standards have declined greatly since I served … When I was there, you could get a demerit for a crooked cap on your head or a non-regulation haircut. Now some of those soldiers and sailors run around with haircuts that look like hippies or something. I never heard of such egregious activities as you speak of here when I was in the service because if where were any, they were quickly courts martialed and either given a dishonorable discharge or sent to Fort Leavenworth. We definitely need to see a close review of the articles of the Uniform Code of Military Conduct (If such a thing actually exists anymore.). I think we also ought to be conducting some background checks on inductees because with our new more inclusive society, it is hard to determine beforehand what kinds of criminals might somehow pull the wool over the recruiters and slip into uniform. I am remembering that guy who shot all those military people at Fort Hood as one example.

      1. Sorry meant it was lessened in the qualifications for enlistment… the Dark Ages when I enlisted tattoos would be a no vote….a better word would have been “eased” chuq

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