Do We Have An Afghan Deal?

We have just posted on 2 more American deaths in Afghanistan and the next day there is word coming out that there is conditional peace deal with the Taleban….

US insists Taliban must reduce violence levels this month

The Taliban has publicly requested that the US provide clarification on their stance on the peace process. A deal which by all accounts was finished months ago, the Taliban are interested in where the US is going on the final deal.

It’s reasonable to ask, as since backing out of the last deal, President Trump has tried to add new conditions. Concerningly, Trump is now approving the deal, but only conditionally, and wants the Taliban to unilaterally cut violence in February first.

The US is planning troop cuts either way, but a concrete peace deal would oblige the US to actually leave Afghanistan, and almost certainly will establish a timetable for that. It would put an end to the US changing its mind on the war, as it has time and again over the last 19 years.

For the Taliban, the question is likely not so much about if they can cut violence, but if this time, meeting a Trump condition will net them anything. Trump had previously conditioned the deal on a ceasefire, and when the Taliban agreed he just added more demands.


How close are we to a deal?

We have heard that it has been close before to fall apart only days later….so again how close are we?

If Trump and his bunch can find peace deal for Afghanistan war then they will have my undying thanks….any time we can find an end to a war then the props should go to those that find a way out.

And then there is the coming election…..and Afghanistan…..

Negotiation between the US and the Taliban is picking up pace. A partial ceasefire is expected to be agreed upon soon, and there is substantial hope that an outright peace deal could be reached shortly thereafter, if the US wants it.

US officials seem to be keen to emphasize the ceasefire, as opposed to the peace deal.That’s because President Trump is determined to carry out troop cuts ahead of the November election, and that’s the case whether or not the peace deal is reached.

Of course, the peace deal is already there to be had, and Trump has rejected it and added additional demands. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani noted “notable progress” on the peace deal front, saying the Taliban had made a proposal to deliver on President Trump’s demand for a violence reduction.

There is a growing risk that, as President Trump demands more from the Taliban, he may overreach and derail the peace process. This is possible, and it’s also possible Trump will just keep dragging on the war, even if troop cuts are in line before the election.


One point….the Taleban protected the barbaric al-Qaeda and they attacked the US on 9/11 and now we are making nice with the Taleban….but will not talk with Iran….why is that?  (I know but do you?)

Let’s do the right thing and end this war once and for all.

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5 thoughts on “Do We Have An Afghan Deal?

  1. This peace deal is a farce. US soldiers coming home in coffins, and there is supposed to be a deal on the table. Best to just pull out and let that country have its civil war.
    Oh, I forgot. MIC profits, minerals, and opium poppies.

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