SecState In Limbo?

As a foreign policy wonk I watch ours with interests and in some cases with disgust…..when Trump took the WH and named Tillerson as SecState I thought it was a horrible choice and that our foreign policy would suffer….then Tump named Popeo to replace Tillerson and I was doubly disgusted…a sycophant Neocon would do NOTHING to further the interests of the US only those of his master……

The last couple of months Pompeo has fallen out of favor with his master because Trump blames Pompeo for NOT controlling his underlings and allow them to testify against the Master.

President Donald Trump unloaded recently on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom he blames for devastating testimony against him the House impeachment inquiry.

The president confronted Pompeo, who has been his closest ally, during an Oct. 29 lunch at the White House, according to four current former senior administration officials who spoke to NBC News.

“(Trump) just felt like, ‘rein your people in,’” said one senior administration official.

The president has been complaining for weeks that Pompeo was responsible for hiring State Department officials who have revealed damaging information about his extortion plot against Ukraine, which now threatens his presidency.

Pompeo is trying to find the best time to desert the sinking Trump presidency…….

Pompeo had long been rumored to be eyeing the Kansas Senate seat now held by Republican Pat Roberts, who will retire in 2020. Pompeo planned to depart the Trump administration in the spring, but the impeachment proceedings have hurt him politically, strained his relationship with the president, and caused Pompeo to reconsider his timetable for departure, three prominent Republicans told Time. These officials added that the timing of Pompeo’s resignation at the State Department would now be “decided by his ability to navigate the smoothest possible exit.”

More on the possibilities for Pompeo should he leave the cabinet.

Pompeo is hiding in the weeds until he can make a good clean break and go back home to Kansas to run for the Senate…..

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told three prominent Republicans in recent weeks that he plans to resign from the Trump Administration to run for the U.S. Senate from Kansas in next year’s elections. The problem: how to get out in one piece.

Pompeo’s plan had been to remain at the State Department until early spring next year, the three Republicans tell TIME, but recent developments, including the House impeachment inquiry, are hurting him politically and straining his relationship with Trump.

So Pompeo is rethinking his calendar, say the top Republicans, one who served in the Trump Administration, another who remains in government, and a third who served in several high-ranking posts and is active in GOP politics. The timing of Pompeo’s resignation now will be decided by his ability to navigate the smoothest possible exit from the administration, the three Republicans say.

I would say good riddance but I fear that with Trump’s track record he would appoint some low life sycophant like that screaming Nazi in the White House adviser core Miller.

I long for the days of a Tillerson SecState……a sad thing to say but Bozo the Clown would be far better than the Toadie Pompeo.

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16 thoughts on “SecState In Limbo?

  1. Keeping that senate seat republican more important than remaining at state. One may like or dislike Pompeo but I felt he was immensely qualified. Would like to see John Huntsman in that spot but he could never stomach Trump more than a day or two.

      1. Agree, need career diplomat at state but Pompeo 1st in class West Point, active duty tank officer, Harvard Law, businessman, 3 term congressman and CIA. If you are head of CIA you know everything about everything.

      2. West Point but did not care enough to stay in the Army…..Obama was Harvard Law and that meant nothing…..6 years in Congress does not make one an expert……and CIA was just a stop on his way to the Throne room….chuq

  2. Every time I see the name Pompeo, I always think of Ancient Rome. Actually, the parallels are becoming increasingly similar… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Wrong! What are you going to say when you find out that I am right and the Trump-Hater Impeachment Hopefuls get egg on their face?

      2. The same thing I said about the Clinton hating and the others…NOTHING….it is the will of the power brokers….until then I have plenty to say….chuq

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