Bring Our Troops Home

As most know that have spent any time on IST that I am apologetically antiwar……and it amazes me that not more Americans are also that way….after damn near twenty years of war it is time to….Bring Our Troops Home.

Can anyone one or any group help end endless wars?

I love “caper’ movies. There’s nothing like a gang of lovable rogues executing an elaborately planned, seemingly impossible crime. President Donald Trump, while in no way lovable, pulled off the perfect caper when he grabbed the White House three years ago. Now Trump has launched a new caper: stealing Syria’s oil. Danny Ocean, eat your heart out.

We got the story straight from the horse’s ass in a series of Trump tweets and press conferences. Trump’s abrupt decision on October 6 to withdraw US forces from Syria (leaving the Kurds to the mercy of Turkey which launched an incursion into northeastern Syria on October 9) was followed less than two weeks later by the announcement that the US would be leaving from 900 to 1200 combat troops plus 30 Abrams tanks in Syria to “secure” the country’s oil fields. Another 500 to 600 troops will be left in Syria to fight ISIS, the Pentagon announced on Sunday.

How Not to End a Forever War

There seems to be this haze of infinity hanging over our wars…like they should NEVER end…..

Here’s the strange thing for the self-proclaimed greatest power in history, the very one that, in this century, has been fighting a series of unending wars across significant parts of the planet: if you exclude Operation Urgent Fury, the triumphant invasion of the island Grenada in 1983, and Operation Just Cause, the largely unopposed invasion of Panama in 1989, Washington’s last truly successful war ended 74 years ago in August 1945 with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japanese cities. Every war of even modest significance since – and they’ve been piling up – from the Korean and Vietnam wars to the ones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Libya, and elsewhere in this century (and the last as well, in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq) has either ended badly (Vietnam) or not at all (see above).

Why Those ‘Endless Wars’ Must Never End

I have gone on record as approving on the idea that Trump is bringing troops home from Syria……the idea not the technique…..and I am not alone…other veteran groups that oppose our continuous wars are also supporting Trump’s efforts, as minuscule as they may be…..

The latest Pew Research Center survey on the issue finds that 64 percent of Veterans say the Iraq War is “not worth fighting,” along with 62 percent of all American adults who agree. Only 33 percent of Veterans say the Iraq War is worth fighting.

Likewise, nearly 60 percent of Veterans and all American adults say the Afghanistan War was not worth the fight. Less than 40 percent say the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was worth fighting.

More and more our veterans are protesting these wars……

Veterans and state legislators from 26 states, led by retired Army National Guard Sergeant Dan McKnight, traveled to Washington during Veterans Day week to press members of Congress, Senators and senior Congressional staff to end America’s endless wars, especially the 18-year-old war in Afghanistan.

McKnight, a military combat veteran who serves as BringOurTroopsHome.US Chairman, is making the case for lawmakers to reevaluate US foreign policy to de-emphasize military intervention, particularly in the Middle East.

“This is not a liberal or conservative cause, but an American cause that most directly affects those who serve in battle, past and present. As past warriors, we are here to advocate a change of policy. The Constitution clearly states that it is the responsibility of Congress to send our soldiers to war,” said McKnight, who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2005.

Bring Our Troops Home Takes Fight To End America’s Endless Wars to Capitol Hill

Time for ALL Americans to get on this train…..our troops should be at home and a much deserved rest from fighting our wars.

I will be voting for the antiwar candidate…right now that is Tulsi Gabbard…..if she does not make it then I will look for the next candidate that embraces an end to our endless wars,

Give Peace a Chance!

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10 thoughts on “Bring Our Troops Home

  1. First of all, there aren’t enough jobs to employ all the troops if they were sent home (The Democrats are giving all the good, living-wage jobs to immigrants and foreigners) — and secondly, no reason to be so concerned because eventually all the troops will definitely becoming home … either at the end of their enlistments or in body bags. No worries.

      1. They are not in the military for long after they come home … especially if they get discharged … If they don’t get discharged, they still have jobs … no worries there.

      2. That works for me. I left it because when I was in, the Military was a death warrant waiting to be signed and I had a family — and I had fulfilled my legal obligations.

      3. I left because I did not like taking orders from idiots…..I left for my GI Bill which paid all my education up to the Masters…..chuq

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